How to Make a Memorial Day Home Décor Piece

I love decorating my home for each and every holiday. I’ll be displaying this Memorial Day home décor piece this year.Memorial Day Home Decor Piece

Supplies for Memorial Day Home Décor Piece

Instructions for Creating Memorial Day Home Décor Piece

  1. Begin by painting your board with FolkArt Coastal Texture Paint in the color Poseidon.Paint Board with FolkArt Coastal Paint
  2. When the paint is thoroughly dry, sand the surface—especially the edges and corners—to give the wood a weathered look. How much you sand will depend on how weathered you want your piece to look.Sand Board to Distress
  3. Wrap the length of tulle around the board, just like you were wrapping a gift, and tie in a single bow.Tie Tulle Around Board
  4. Cut and seal the ends of the grosgrain ribbon using the Thermocut. Alternatively, pass the ribbon ends through a flame, or coat with a thin layer of clear nail polish to seal the ends.Cutting Ribbon with Proxxon Thermocut
  5. Fold the bow wire in half, place in the Mini Bowdabra, and tuck the ends under the Mini Bowdabra.Tuck Wire Ends Under Mini Bowdabra
  6. Make a three-loop bow with the grosgrain ribbon.Three Loop Bow in Mini Bowdabra
  7. Using the Mini Bowdabra Wand, compress the ribbon in the Mini Bowdabra.Compress Ribbon with Mini Bowdabra Wand
  8. With the bow still in the Mini Bowdabra, pass the wire ends through the loop and tighten.Pass Wire Ends Through Loop
  9. On the reverse side of the bow, tie a knot with the wire ends. Leave the ends long to attach the bow to the wrapped board. Pass the ends of the wire under the tulle bow with one end going from the top and the other from the bottom.
  10. Bring the wire ends to the front of the bows, and tie. Coil the wire ends around a skewer or thin pencil.Coil Wire Ends Around Skewer

Display your Memorial Day home décor piece, and enjoy the holiday!!Memorial Day Home Decor Piece

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