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Here is the best way to upcycle a Capri sun box

You’ve seen uses for the Capri sun packages but have you seen any for the Capri sun box? How about making this cute little girl’s purse created by designer Sarah Forhan.

If you are looking for a fun project to make with your kids, why not make a sweet little girl’s purse from the Capri sun box? It makes a great group project for Girl scouts and camps. The boxes are sturdy and it is very easy to create! So let’s get started.

Capri sun box purse


  • Capri sun box
  • Green and pink duct tape
  • 1 ½” black grosgrain ribbon
  • 1 ½” pink rose grosgrain ribbon
  • Print ribbon
  • Adhesive backed Velro
  • Gems, buttons, and do-dads
  • Glue dots or double sided tape
  • Hot glue gun (parents)
  • Knife for cutting box (parents only)
  • Leftover ribbon to make matching hair bow
  • Mini Bowdabra with hair bow tool and ruler attachment


  1. Parents cut the box five inches up from the bottom. Add a 2” x 2” in the back that will be used for closing the purse. Then add a circle flap on one side of the box (the other circle should already be in place and part of the boxes packaging).

Capri sun box purse

  1. Add strips of duct tape on the front and back of the box. Add duct tape to the flap, as well. The duct tape adds extra support to the bottom of the box and adds stability. I didn’t add duct tape to the sides, however, since it made the box too stiff and harder to close.

Capri sun box purse

  1. Next attach the grosgrain and printed ribbon strips along the bottom of the box. You may use either glue dots or hot glue to hold the ribbon in place. Then add the Velcro to the purse flap. You may decide to use hot glue to hold the Velcro in place for extra security.

Capri sun box purse

  1. Attach a ribbon handle to the purse by threading 1 ½” grosgrain ribbon through the circles on the side of the purse. Knot the ribbon or alternately glue in place.

Capri sun box purse

Finishing the Capri sun box girl’s purse

  1. Kids can add gems, rhinestones, buttons and more to add glamour to their purse.

Capri sun box purse

  1. Use the leftover ribbon to make a matching hair bow. Using the Mini Bowdabra with the hair bow tool and ruler attachment follow the instructions included with the Bowdabra to make a 4” wide basic bow with a ribbon spray.

Capri sun box purse

  1. To finish, attach the bow to a hair clip with the hot glue gun. Add a finishing ribbon to the center of the bow.

Capri sun box purse

  1. Wear the bow or attach to the purse for an extra embellishment.

Capri sun box purse

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