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How to Make an Adorable Angry Birds Hair Bow

Create an adorable Angry Birds hair bow for the little girls who loves, loves, love, the popular animated characters. For the summer, there’s a new video game out this month and my friends’ granddaughter is so excited. She’s a lover of all things Angry Birds and has gadgets and pictures of Angry Birds on almost everything she owns! So, a cute Angry birds hair bow based on these animated characters can add just the right amount of flair and attention to any little girl’s hair, including hers!
And this fun handcrafted Angry Birds hair bow is so easy to make using your Mini Bowdabra! People will surely ask, “where did you get that cute hair bow?” And you can happily say, “I made it myself!”

Adorable Angry Birds Hair Bow

Angry Birds Hair  Bow

Here’s how:
Gather the following materials:
Grosgrain Ribbon – 1.5″, red & white 5/8″, orange and 3/8″, black/white
Google eyes
Red Feathers
French Barrette
Hot Glue
Mini Bowdabra, Hair Bow and Ruler Tool, and Wand
Bowdabra Bow Wire

Begin by cutting a 16″ piece of bow wire, folding in half and placing down into the Mini Bowdabra. Cut and seal ends of two red 12″ long ribbons, creasing one end and placing into the Mini Bowdabra.

bow maker tool
Make another crease at the other end of ribbon, looping over the tower and placing down in the center of the Mini Bowdabra.

how to make a angry birds hair bow
Crease the center of the ribbon down into the Mini Bowdabra, making 2.5″ loops on both sides.

make a angry birds hair bow
Scrunch down the ribbon with the Mini Bowdabra Wand.

ribbon bow maker tool
Then push the first loops up into a U shape, pressing them down Next,
repeat the same steps with the second 12″ red ribbon, as before.

hair bow making
And scrunch down the ribbon again.

how to make a Bowdabra bow
Next, cut a 12″ long white ribbon, sealing ends and repeat the previous steps. Creasing the end down and over the tower into the Mini Bowdabra.

Create a ribbon bow
Push the white loops down into a upside down U shape. Then, scrunch down the ribbon with the wand. While the bow is still in the Mini Bowdabra, thread the loose ends of the wire through the loop and pull tightly.

Angry Birds Hair Bow

Finishing your hair bow

Gently pull the bow out, separating the wires to the back and tying in a double knot. Cut off excess wire.
To Decorate the Bow: Glue on the red feathers in the back top center of the bow.

decorative bows
Glue on google eyes close together in center of bow over the bow wire

Beautiful Bowdabra Bow
To make the Beak: Cut and seal two, 1.5″ pieces of orange 7/8 ribbon. Fold over ends of one piece into a tight triangle and glue closed.

Make Angry Birds Hair Bow
Cut off excess ribbon overlap and repeat for second piece. Press back ends of beak pieces together and glue
Once dry, glue onto bow, just below eyes.

Christmas Angry Birds Hair Bow
To Make the Eye Brows: Cut and seal two, 2″ long, 3/8″ ribbon. Add glue to half of each strip and fold, pressing together.

diy angry birds hair bowGlue on eye brows in V shape over eyes.  To wear, finishing a barrette with ribbon is optional, but a barrette can be glue onto the back of the bow or tied on with the bow wire if left on instead of cutting off.

angry birds hair bow tutorial

Any little girl will just adore wearing this cute bow!

Adorable Angry Birds Hair Bow Ideas

If you like this awesome hair bow by Bowdabra designer Gail you will love all her other creative crafts at her blog Purple Hues and Me, Facebook, Pinterest, and twitter.

awesome hair bow by Bowdabra

And don’t forget to come back to Bowdabra blog  each week for more new craft tutorials, Video DIY’s and recipes!


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