Halloween freebie! Download the best Halloween puppy coloring page

Do you like to color for relaxation and fun? Many people, young and old alike are using markers, gel pens, pencils and more to color. There is evidence that coloring relieves stress. And in this stress-filled world what else could be relaxing, stress relieving and more fun than coloring? Simply download this free Halloween puppy coloring page, then grab some colored pencils and let the stress fade away!

This little puppy has been trick or treating all evening.  She has gathered quite a few treats and now she is going to go home and will go to bed.  Kid’s and adults alike will love this Halloween puppy coloring page.

Halloween puppy coloring page

Halloween puppy coloring page

Click here to download your free  puppy coloring page today!

You may have recognized my little, Jack Russell terrier, Maddy. I did mention she is my muse, so many times she is the inspiration for my creations. She will trick or treat, for dog biscuits, no chocolate, it’s toxic for pets!  And she always wears a Bowdabra Bow.  After Halloween, Maddy gets ready for Veterans Day and shows her patriotism with her patriotic Bowdabra bow!

Do you have a cute little pup that wears Bowdabra bows?  We’d love to see photos of your fur babies!  And please leave a comment!  Visit Maddy, and her pal Crystal at Make it easy crafts!

Patriotic dog bow

Patriotic dog bow tutorial




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