This is the best way to organize your holiday ribbon in style

Watch this video as Bowdabra creator Sandy Sandler shows you how to organize your holiday ribbon in style. She makes her ribbon organizer out of a recycled paper towel roll and decorates it with beautiful Bowdabra bow!

You will want to make several of these so that you can organize your holiday ribbon in style too!

organize your holiday ribbon in style


  • Bowdabra
  • 18″ Bowdabra Wire
  • 42″ Tubular Mesh
  • 8″ each of red, gold, & silver foil
  • Paper Towel Roll (Emptied)
  • Paper sized to fit over paper towel roll


Video to organize your holiday ribbon in style

“Okay, right now we’re going to make a really fun scrunch bow, and then I’ll show you what else we’re going to do so that you too can organize your holiday ribbon in style. First, I’m taking this Bowdabra Bow Wire and I fold it in half. Then I lay it into my Bowdabra. You can also do this in the Mini Bowdabra.

I have some of our awesome scrunchy ribbon. So, I’m just going to scrunch my red scrunch right down into the Bowdabra. Now, I’m going to take my silver and scrunch that in as well. Next, I add my gold. Then I take my Bowdabra wand and scrunch everything down.

Now I’m using this bow for a ribbon organizer, but these bows make awesome ornaments or things to put on a sign, etc. Next, I just pull this around to the back and tie a knot.

Finishing the scrunchy bow


And the way that I like to fluff my scrunchy bows is to sort of just pull it all apart like that so they kind of get a really fun, round kind of look. Now at holiday time, or really, the rest of the year, we always have trouble storing our ribbon and finding places to store it. So, I love this idea. This is a paper towel roll. You can also use an aluminum foil, whatever roll you have left. And just to make it a little bit prettier, I’m just going to tape it, fold it around.

I could cut it and tape it, but I cheated in that I already have a roll done here. So, the next thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to add my ribbon. And there you have all the holiday ribbon that you’re using but you might not use it the rest of the year. So, I’m just going to roll this around. And I kind of try to roll it a little tight like this. Then, I’m going to take a pin because a pin makes it really easy to just grab some ribbon off of your roll. And I’m going to put this aside because I already have one that is finished.

Finishing your ribbon organizer

Next, I take some tubular mesh, ribbon, or whatever you want, and I’m just going to put that through there. And now I am going to go back to my little bow. And just to make this pretty, (Obviously, you don’t have to put a bow on the top) but of course, this is a Bowdabra project.

The other thing, before I tie the bow on, is you can also add more rolls of ribbon if you want because then you can just hang it like this and you can get to all your ribbon. I’m just going to use the one roll for right now. And I’m going to just take the ends of my tubular mesh, take my bow, and tie a knot here. I’ll double knot it and clip the ends. You can either put this over a hanger, or you can put it over a hook. It’s a fabulous and green way to store your ribbon.

And for all the little ribbon scraps, watch this video to make this fun upcycled pill bottle ribbon holder!

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