How to Make Bows: Bowdabra
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From Rustic Decor to Fun Tassels: Super Simple Bows with Bowdabra

Floral Loop in a Bow

If you are not sure how to do a floral loop in a bow, watch Sandy Sandler, Creator of the Bowdabra, scrunch a large ribbon with neat folds and slight twists into the Large Bowdabra, the easiest bowmaking and design tool. She keeps the last loop just about half or a third of the size of the other loops and ties up the bow with the Bowdabra bow wire. When she pulls the central small loop in the shape of the floral loop and shapes out the rest of the loops, you have the most beautiful floral bow in your hand. Its so easy and simple! You can do these simple bows in minutes.

Long-Tailed Bow

The next fun bow is all about long tails. Sandy doubles the ribbons as the Bowdabra is large enough to hold everything and the springs under its pillars keep all the stuff tight. With a flower added to the middle of the large bow with double ribbons, Sandy has enough loops to shape out and give the bow more depth and texture.

Card with a Flaming Candle

Now, she uses the Mini Bowdabra. Sandy uses a card base, prepared with gold scrunchy ribbon stuck on card paper and a smaller piece of scrapper paper stuck on the gold scrunchy ribbon. Sandy puts in a piece of scrunchy ribbon into the Mini Bowdabra, tops it up with some thin strips of the same scrunchy ribbon, followed by another piece of scrunchy ribbon and more strips. This is done three times and finally everything is tied up with the Bowdabra gold bow wire. The little bow is then stuck on the paper with glue dots and another piece of colorful ribbon stuck under it to make the stand. And you have a flaming candle on a pretty card!

card with candle Bowdabra

Card with a flaming candle

Spiky Pink Hair Bow

The next creation on Sandy’s table is a cute spiky hair bow.  She makes it with a mix  of different varieties of ribbons in various shades of pink. The little pieces of dove-tailed ribbons are tied up with the Bowdabra bow wire. Finally, she ties it to a ponytail holder.

spiky hair bow with Bowdabra

Spiky pink hair bow

Fun Tassel as a Zipper Pull

If you are wondering what to do with all the scraps of material that have piled up in your craft room you are in luck. Sandy shows you how to make a gorgeous tassel with just about any material lying around! She scrunches in tassels, pieces of shimmery yarn, ribbons, sheer fabric, velvet in the Large Bowdabra.  Finally she adds a zipper pull and ties it with a piece of Bowdabra wire. Everything is then tied up with the Bowdabra bow wire to make a really adorable and useful zipper pull!

Large Rustic or Cheer Bow with Jute Mesh

Jute mesh can be used to make really attractive bows. Sandy folds and twists large loops of the jute mesh into the Bowdabra. Then, she adds a cute bouquet to it to make an amazingly attractive bow. This beautiful bow can be used as a cheer bow or for a rustic wedding, or centerpiece. The large, elegant bow looks like a 40 dollar arrangement while in actuality it may cost just a couple of dollars to make!

Small Cheer Bows with Scrunchy Ribbons

Before closing the show, Sandy shows how to make a quick and pretty cheer bow.  She uses red and silver Bowdabra scrunchy ribbon and ties it up with silver bow wire.

Coming up next week on Sandy’s Facebook Live will be a recap of the exciting events at the Creativation trade conference.  There ill be some great tutorials on how to make gorgeous bows and ribbon flowers.  Stay tuned.

Bowdabra's easy-to-create bow-makers are available at the Bowdabra website's online store and also at various retail establishments such as Amazon, AC Moore, Pat Catan's Stores, Jo Ann store, Michael's, and Walmart.

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