Valentine’s Day Bows, Flowers & Gift Ideas with Bowdabra

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, Sandy Sandler, Creator of the Bowdabra, takes us on a journey of creating amazingly quick yet gorgeous Valentine’s Day bows, flowers and gift ideas.

The first step in any bowmaking with the Bowdabra, is cutting a piece of the Bow Wire and placing it down the Bowdabra tool after folding it in half. The best thing about the Bowdabra Bow Wire is that its really hard and strong and yet flexible. You can cut it like a cord but its actually a wire that can be curled to hold up steady.

Valentine’s Day bows


Sandy takes a large piece of red burlap ribbon, folds it into several loops, all scrunched down into the Bowabra. She tops it up with some tubular mesh, putting pieces of all sizes. After all the Large Bowdabra can hold lots of stuff scrunched down. With the red ribbon bound by burlap, it turns out to be an elegant rustic bow, when the loops are fluffed out.

Tubular Mesh Bow - Valentine's Day bows

Red Burlap Ribbon and Tubular Mesh Bow


On a black card paper, Sandy sticks a piece of red scrunchy ribbon and puts a silver heart on it. With the Mini Bowdabra, she makes a tiny silver bow from a small piece of looped silver ribbon with a flower on it, both tied with the Bow Wire. The little bow stuck on the card just over the heart makes the card come to life!


To make a stunning yet inexpensive gift wrap, Sandy takes two pieces of red scrunchy ribbon to wrap up a small gift of two candy boxes that have cute post-it messages on the cover. She lift the ends of the scrunchy ribbons and folds them like a fan, scrunches them together and ties up with the Bow Wire. To decorate the neck of the gift wrap, she creates a gorgeous bow using the remaining red scrunchy ribbon along with some silver scrunchy ribbon and adds some fun beads and a beautiful charm ornament. Sandy ties everything up easily in the Mini Bowdabra with the Bow Wire. The bow is then attached to the gift wrap, giving it an amazing appeal.


A delightful netted soft pink ribbon with beads, topped with a long strip of beautiful David Tutera pink-purple ribbon makes the next bow. Sandy adds some lovely DavidTutera flowers to complete the Valentine’s Day Scrunchy, Loopy Bow.


Valentine’s Day Scrunchy, Loopy Bow


For the flower, Sandy takes a printed gold wired ribbon which she first scrunches down into the Mini Bowdabra and then folds it into loops of various sizes and tucks everything in. She attaches it to a stick and then shapes out the folds into a beautiful flower, topped with another little flower in the middle.

Gold Wired Ribbon Flower

Gold Wired Ribbon Flower


The last project in this Facebook Live is a cute little bracelet she makes from 3 pieces of black and dark pink dove-tailed ribbon with some lovely DavidTutera beads. The sweet little bow is stuck on a black bracelet to make an amazingly quick but smart bracelet.

Enjoy making these simple crafts with your Bowdabra tools.

Helpful tip: Keep these ready when you watch this video to start making awesome flowers and bows in minutes:

* Large Bowdabra
* Mini Bowdabra
* Bowdabra Wand
* Bowdabra Bow Wire
* Burlap
* Tubular Mesh
* Scrunchy Ribbons
* A selection of ribbons and scraps of ribbons
* Fun Beads
* Flowers

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