Make a bow for the best Bowdabra Easter basket

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today with a Bowdabra Easter Basket.  Simply adding a bright bow to a mini basket creates a wonderfully sweet detail.


Mini Bowdabra Bow Making Tool
Bowdabra Bow Wire – Gold

Begin by folding in half approximately 18″ of Gold Bow Wire.  Place it in the Bowdabra. Next, cut 12″ length of sheer striped  ribbon and place in the Bowdabra channel. Using striped ribbon, place it in the channel. Twist the ribbon while creating 3 loops on each side.


Use the wand to push the ribbon into the Bowdabra.

Pull up on the bow wire and tie off the bow


Finishing your Easter bow

Fluff out and arrange the bow.  Use the Bow Wire to tie the bow to the basket.

Pull the left over bow wire to the front and use a craft tool to create spirals from the left over bow wire.

Fill the basket with decorative elements or Easter candy.

Use as a centerpiece for Easter dinner or use at everyone’s place setting.


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