How to Make Hairbows Flower Headbands, Horse Bows with Bowdabra

Watch Sandy Sandler, Creator of the #Bowdabra, create the prettiest Hair Bows, Horse Bows, Boutique Bows and Cheer Bows and more in minutes with the #Bowdabra. The month of March, which hails in the Spring season, is also the #NationalCraftMonth.


Sandy makes a cute cheer bow with two pieces of glittering ribbons – silver and royal blue. Using the Hair Bow Tool and Ruler over the Mini Bowdabra, she scrunches in the silver ribbon, folding half of it in a 7 cm loop leaving a long tail on the other side. She does the same with the blue ribbon so that the two ribbons cross each other in between the towers of the Mini Bowdabra.

The bow is attached to a pony tail holder and tied tight with the Bowdabra Bow Wire. As a finishing touch, Sandy sticks a little piece of folded silver ribbon across the middle fold of the bow with the help of glue dots.

Short Stirrup/leadline Hair bows

Folding the ribbon before scrunching into the Bowdabra holds the key to getting the creases right. Sandy shows how to pinch it a little in the middle, leaving equal space on the two sides. Using several pieces of pink ribbons of different varieties – thin and wide, chequered and plain, Sandy creates a hair bow with long tails and generous loops, tied to a pony tail holder. This bow is great as a horse bow too!


For a cool headband, Sandy wraps a boa around a headband and then adds a cute ribbon flower on top. For the ribbon flower, she scrunches in leafy green ribbons with their ends cut pointed and pink ribbon pieces for the petals.


Sandy makes a quick hair clip bow with spiked ends using some scrunchy ribbon and silver satin leopard ribbons.


The last project for the evening is a pretty boutique bow made with two layers of ribbons – the leopard ribbon placed over a wide burlap ribbon. The trick here is to place the two ribbons as an X, with the loops crossed across each other.


Keep these ready when you watch this video to start making awesome fun projects and bows in minutes:
* Large Bowdabra
* Mini Bowdabra
* Bowdabra Wand
* Bowdabra Bow Wire
* Burlap Ribbon
* Leopard Ribbon
* A selection of ribbons and scraps of ribbons
* Pink Boa
* Scrunchy Ribbon
* Hair Clips
* Headband
* Glue Dots

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