How to Make Bookmarks Using Scraps of Ribbon

Put your ribbon scraps to good use—make fun and functional bookmarks. They are so easy, you’ll want to make several. They make great gifts for the bookworms in your life.Ribbon Bookmarks

Supplies for Making Ribbon BookmarksSupplies

  • 15″ to 24″ lengths of ribbon
  • Hair ties
  • Interesting buttons

Instructions for Making Ribbon Bookmarks

  1. Cut your ribbons to length. My ribbons were 16″ long, and fit comfortably on a book that measures 8½H”x6½”W. Adjust the length of the ribbon to accommodate different sized books.
  2. Pass the ribbon ends through a flame to seal the ends.
  3. Turn up a ½” hem on one end of the ribbon; turn up another ½” to conceal the cut end. On the opposite end turn up a ¾” hem, and turn up another ¾” to conceal the cut end.Measure Hem
  4. Press these hems in place.Press Hems in Place
  5. Add the hair tie to the end with the ¾” hem.Add Hair Tie
  6. Stitch both hems in place. You can either machine or hand stitch.Stitch Ends in Place
  7. Sew a fancy button on the end with the ½” hem. Shank type buttons work well as they allow space for the thickness of the hair tie.Sew Button on Ribbon
  8. Pick up a good book and start reading!!Ribbon Bookmarks (Instagram)

And since the first week in April is  National library worker’s day won’t these make a great gift for a favorite library worker? After you make these scrap ribbon bookmarks try making giant clip bookmarks too.  These are also great as a paper herder!


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