Simple, Fun, DIY Wedding Bows & Ideas in Minutes with the Bowdabra

Watch Sandy Sandler, Creator of the Bowdabra, make some super simple, fun DIY Pew Bows, Cheer Bows, Bridal table centerpieces and #Wedding Decorating with the Bowdabra, the World’s Easiest Bow maker.


DIY Wedding Fun Crafts with Mesh Ribbon Pew bow

Sandy takes two ribbons – rustic and elegant, plain and patterned ribbons that work for wedding anytime. The two ribbons are creased at the center and laid into the Bowdabra, to be left loose as the tails.

Sandy next takes the burlap and places it in with large loops that can be shaped later. Next she adds a beautiful, wide, glittered ribbon (which is sold in the Bowdabra Store) and places a leaved branch. She adds another bow made with the burlap. Added to the arrangement is another bow made from the patterned ribbon which was initially put in for the tails.

To top up the arrangement, Sandy uses an angel glitter mesh ribbon which has a beautiful mesh look with tons of glitter on it. Once shaped, the lovely bow reminds you of angels!


How to Make DIY table decor centerpiece

Sandy takes lots of large pieces of angel glitter mesh ribbons which are scrunched down into the Bowdabra. She adds branches to the pile, and then adds a bow made with the wide, glittered ribbon. More stuff go into the Bowdabra towers including scraps of lovely ribbons and more bows and purple rose flowers, and what have you till Sandy has to hold everything down with her fingers. But the Large Bowdabra has an incredible capacity to hold stuff. When the massive collection of crafted material comes out of the Bowdabra and is tied up with the Bow Wire, it turns out to be a fabulous centerpiece.


Create Wedding and Home Decor Crafts with Bowdabra

Sandy takes a lovely vase and wraps two pieces of ribbon around it, sticking them with glue dots. She takes pieces of matching ribbons – about 11 inches long 4 inch wide and puts them down into the pillars with a slight crease and a hill in the middle so that they shape out well later. Next she adds a bow made with lovely patterned ribbon and adds a sunflower to the arrangement. The bouquet is then shaped out and stuck on to the vase.

This makes a great home decor. Especially, for weddings, it is a beautiful centerpiece for the bridal table where people can put their cards and gifts.


wedding décor crafts with DIY ideas

Sandy starts with a long piece of white mesh placed in the Bowdabra, long enough to tie the bow later to a chair or hang it from a hook. She adds a piece of elegant white lace, folded in as a bow. Next she folds and twists white satin ribbon to make a beautiful bow and tops it up with a folded burlap bow.

Some pretty white flowers make the topping and you got the most gorgeous looking cheer bow or pew bow in dazzling white!


Keep these ready when you watch this video to start making awesome fun projects and bows in minutes:
* Large Bowdabra
* Bowdabra Wand
* Bowdabra Bow Wire
* White patterned ribbon
* A selection of ribbons and scraps of ribbons
* Burlap and Burlap with Lace
* Florals
* Silver Mesh
* Angel Glitter Mesh Ribbon

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