How to make an amazing glow in the dark bow

Get your night time fun in with a Glow in the Dark Bow with Bowdabra! So, join Bowdabra designer Christel as she shows you how easy it is to create!

glow in the dark bow

Glow in the dark bow with Bowdabra

This easy tutorial will show you how to enhance a table arrangement. In just a few moments you can make your own Glow in the Dark Bow with Bowdabra. This would be a great table centerpiece for The Fourth of July.  Although, it is equally impressive for just about any event. Impress your guests with the glow in the dark bow with Bowdabra.

Kids especially will want to learn how to make these festive bows.  Custom ordering anything like this may not be practical for most budgets. Using the Bowdabra, however,  you too can now make these Glow in the Dark Bows and not break the bank.

We know you will love this fun video DIY and above all, we would love to hear your comments at Bowdabra blog and Silky stems design studio.

So, gather the materials and let’s get started!


Bowdabra/Máquina de Bowdabra
Bowdabra bow Wire/Alambre de Bowdabra

Bleached Denim/Denim Blanqueado
( For details on how to make Bleached Denim follow my tips and tricks at Silky Stems Design Studio. Please leave a comment in the comment section./Para detalles en como hacer Denim Blanqueado siguenme en: para consejos en DIY y dejenme saber con sus comentarios )

Glow Sticks/Luces Químicas
Iridescent Cellophane Paper/Papel Iridiscente Celofán

***Optional: Illuminated Balloon/Globo Iluminado
Clear Vase/Un Florero Claro
Additional Glow Sticks/Mas Luces Químicas

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