How to make a quick and easy doggy treat jar

Make this quick and easy doggy treat jar for your best friend.  If you are like me you have little bags of treats all over the place.  Sometimes those zippers just don’t seal well and you end up with stale and hard treats.  You don’t want your little prince or princess to turn up his or her nose at them.

So, you can quickly make a personalized treat jar using a simple wide mouth jar some photos of your pet and decoupage glue. You can purchase a jar at the dollar store or even recycle a clear food container.  It’s easy, inexpensive and so much fun.

doggy treat jar

Doggy treat jar


Glass or recycled clear wide mouth jar

Decoupage glue

Small paintbrush

Computer printer and all-purpose paper

Photos of your dog



First, prepare your jar.  If there is a label on a recycled one you can soak it off in some warm water.  If the surface is sticky from the label, rub some peanut butter on it, wipe it off and wash it. Rub down the jar with alcohol.

Load your desired photos onto your computer and put them all in a strip collage. (This way the photos are all one size using your favorite photo editing program. Simply add the photos and print on all-purpose paper.  You may need a couple strips depending upon the size of your jar.

doggy treat jar

Cut out each photo. You can if you desire, cut out the photos in shapes. On a curved surface, it is easiest to add the photos one at a time smoothing out any wrinkles with your fingers. (Don’t smooth them all out though, wrinkles give it character) It may get a little messy but it washes off your hands easily. Using the small paintbrush apply some decoupage glue on the jar where you would like your photos to go. Press the photos on the wet glue area one at a time. Add a generous amount of decoupage glue on top of the photos.  Keep adding until you have added all the photos you want and let it dry.

doggy treat jar

doggy treat jar

doggy treat jar

doggy treat jar

Finishing your treat jar

Finally, brush a coat of decoupage glue over all the photos one last time and let dry. Fill the jar with your pet’s favorite treats!

doggy treat jar

For a perfect gift create a simple Bowdabra bow and attach to the top of the jar.  Visit Bowdabra designer Crystal at her blog Make it easy crafts for more quick and easy craft tutorials.









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