Video how to make a fun summer keepsake craft

Watch this quick video DIY as Bowdabra creator, Sandy Sandler shows you how to create a fun summer keepsake craft that you will treasure for years to come.

Use a special photo for your summer keepsake craft and you will keep that vacation vibe going all year long!

summer keepsake craft

Summer Keepsake Craft Video DIY


Mini Bowdabra

18″ Gold Bowdabra Wire

12″ x 24″ Rough Netting

5″ x 5″ Wired Gold Scrap Ribbon

3″ x 5″ Blue Tulle

7/8″ x 10″ & 7/8″ x 14″ Sheer Aqua Ribbon

Hurricane Glass

Photo of Choice

2 oz. Sand

(9) Blue Accent Gems

(1) Seashell

Glue Dots / Glue Gun

“Now we’re going to make a really fun keepsake using a hurricane glass.  We’re taking a summer picture. And I’ve already added glue dots to the picture and put it onto my ribbon. And I’m just going to put that into my hurricane glass, tuck the top over. I cheated and I already put glue dots on the outside of my hurricane glass, so I can just fold it over and that will stay.

Then, I’m going to take some sand, and I’m just going to pour the sand into my hurricane glass. Next, I add these really pretty blue rocks, which remind me of the ocean.

So, I’m going to take my Mini Bowdabra, and I have some ribbon pre-cut. And I’m just going to dovetail the ends.

This is fun. It’s netting, which I thought would go really well with this craft. And I’m just going to go from the corner into my fold.

Make the bow

Then, I’m going to take my Bowdabra Bow Wire. I have it folded the wire in half. I’m going to lay that down into the Mini Bowdabra and just tuck the ends underneath, so they stay out of the way. Now, I’m going to take my longer piece of ribbon and just fold it in half. And I just lay that into my Mini Bowdabra. And I’m just going to do a little scrunchy bow. Next, I’m going to make a little bow here, like we do a hairbow. So, I’m just going to tuck this under. I’ll do this really quick. I just put this in here. I’m going to fold it over, and I’m just going to tuck this end in here, and then find the center of my ribbon and just put a little crease in the center and scrunch it down into my Mini Bowdabra.


Then, I take my wand and scrunch everything down. To finish I pull this through my slipknot and pull it really tight while it’s still in the Mini Bowdabra.  I pull my bow out, separate the ends, bring it around to the back and tie a knot.

And take my hurricane glass. Then I have this fish netting. And I’m just going to fold it in half and I’m going to just sit my hurricane glass right in the center. I’m going to take the two ends and bring those up and make sure my hurricane glass is centered. So, I’m just going to now take the sides and gather everything up at the top. And make sure that I have the picture in the back so that you can see it.

Finally, I’m going to just take my bow and I’m going to tie it onto my netting. Take my seashell, take a little bit of glue and just put that right there at the bottom, pull everything tight. And you have this really pretty little keepsake.


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