How to make an elegant Bowdabra Magnolia Flower

Learn how to make a beautiful and elegant Bowdabra Magnolia Flower.  You can use the elegant magnolia flower to enhance any of your organizational needs. These gorgeous ribbon flowers are by our Bowdabra designer, Christel Jules from Silky Stems  Design Studio.

How to Make Magnolia Flower with Ribbon Bows

Bowdabra magnolia flower

When our customers and Facebook LIVE viewers search for suggestions and answers for something unique, we put our thinking caps on and do our best to deliver.  While there are several ways to approach and make fabric flowers, this tutorial will guide and inspire you. Then, you can put your own twist on making your very own custom designed magnolia flowers with Bowdabra.

Christel also includes a hot glue hack that will help you form these beautiful fabric and ribbon bows.  This is especially helpful, however, when wired ribbons aren’t available to you in the colors and patterns you may be looking for.

The Bowdabra app. is also available for download on your mobile phones!   The app. will be additionally helpful to order your materials as you need them.  Be sure to leave your comments and feedback and share your finished projects on our Facebook Fan Gallery page. We love learning from one another and continuously strive to create innovative designs.

Materials Needed/Materiales:

( makes one Magnolia )

Lime Green Satin Ribbon/Cinta de Satin color de Limon Verde

Gold Ribbon/Cinta Dorada

Beige Ribbon/Cinta Palida

Floral Tape/Cinta Floral


Hot Glue/Pegamento Caliente

Bowdabra Gold Wire/Alambre Dorado de Bowdabra

Bowdabra/La Maquina de Bowdabra


Use the elegant magnolia flower on gift packages for weddings, holidays, and more.  Please visit Bowdabra blog again for more quick and easy DIY videos and tutorials each week.


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