How to use dollar store items to make a perfect teacher’s gift

Summer is waning. Soon, it will be back to school time. You can send your little angel with a perfect teacher’s gift filled with supplies that the teacher can use.  Sandy shows you how to make this absolutely perfect teacher’s gift in this easy DIY video!

How to Use Dollar Store Items to Make Perfect Back to School gifts




Mini Bowdabra

(2) 18″ Silver Bowdabra Wire

9″ Red Bowdabra Scrunchy Ribbon

(2) 30″ Silver Bowdabra Scrunchy Ribbon

(2) Green Corker Ribbon

(3) Dollar Store Containers

Fillings of Choice:

Paper Clips, Rubber Bands, Candies

Perfect teacher’s gift with Bowdabra

Now we’re going to make this really cute little gift for a teacher. I actually bought these at a dollar store and I thought they were great for organizing. So, I just threw some rubber bands, paper clips, and then some candies, and I’m just going to clip these up. Now, I’m just going to stack these up and take my Bowdabra Scrunchy Ribbon. And, I’m just going to put this here like that. Next, I’m going to just take my ribbon, take some bow wire, and I have it folded in half, so I can just pull this through a slipknot there. Take my wire and go the long way. And so, I’ll just bring this up here. And I already have my wire here, so I’m just going to separate the ends and bring them around.


(Tie, Knot, Clip Ends & Put Aside)


Make the Bow


And now we’re going to make the bow. So, I’m taking my Bowdabra Bow Wire, laying it into the Mini Bowdabra and tuck the ends underneath so they stay out of the way. Now, add the red scrunchy ribbon and just scrunch that down into the Mini Bowdabra. Then, I have these two little-curled pieces of Corker ribbon. I’m doing this so that it looks like an apple. So, I’m just going to take the two ends, pull them through my slipknot and pull it tight while it’s still in the Mini Bowdabra. I’m going to separate the ends, bring them around to the back.


(Tie & Knot)

And I’m going to take my bow.

(Tie & knot the bow onto the gift)

Finally, I shape my bow. I’m just going to clip the ends. And you have a really cute little teacher gift.

Back to School Teacher’s Gift

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