Video DIY how to Make this unique Bowdabra cake topper

Wedding decor can get pricey and the dollar bills can add up quickly but, this unique twist to a Bowdabra cake topper will be sure to add a little dazzle and style to the festivities and decor affordably!

Bowdabra cake topper

The options are limitless as to what can be wrapped and customized to adorn a cake. And stacked decorative boxes can make a gorgeous display for a bridal party or bachelorette bash too!  I hope this video tutorial inspires viewers to customize their own worry-free decor with some Bowdabra flare!

Also, be sure to snap some pictures and share your versions on our Facebook Bowdabra Fan Gallery.  And please visit our designer Christel Jules’ page and blog at for more free tips and tricks to all things DIY.                         We also love reading your comments and feedback. We really appreciate all of your contributions!

If you’ve already heard that we have a mobile app. you’re right.  You can also order Bowdabra products and re-plenish your materials with the touch of your fingertips to your devices directly from our app. store.

Materials Needed:

Bowdabra Wire/Alambre de Bowdabra

Bowdabra/Maquina de Bowdabra

Wired Ribbon/Cinta con Alambre

Soldering Wire/Alambre de Soldadura


Wire cutter/Cortador de Cables

Bowdabra cake topper video DIY

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