With Bowdabra you can easily make a fun pet bow

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here showing you how to use the  Bowdabra to create a fun pet bow.

How to Make Fun Pet Bow with Bowdabra

Fun Pet Bow

Bowdabra Bow Making Tool
Bow Wire
1 1/2″ wide ribbon
1/2″ wide ribbon
1 Dog

Begin by placing the Bow wire in the channel.
Place the ribbon in the channel leaving  a 4″ tail.

How to make a Pet Bow

Create a 3 loop bow.

Bow making ideas

Use the bow wand to push the ribbon into the channel, then using a 1/2″ ribbon, create a smaller 3 loop bow.

DIY Dog Bow Making Tutorial

Pull up on the bow wire and tie off.

how to create fun dog bows

Fluff out the bow.  The smaller looped bow snuggles neatly inside the larger looped bow.

DIY bow making tool

Tie the bow to your dog’s collar.  Paulie wouldn’t keep it on, but at least he allowed me to photograph him with the bow!
best dog bow making ideas

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