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Easy DIY Fall Decor Bows and Wreaths

Create amazing #DIY #Fall Decor #Bows and Wreaths in Minutes with the #Bowdabra. Watch Sandy Sandler use an assortment of ribbons and ribbon scraps with flowers to make super simple bows to add an extra edge to your decorations in minutes.


Sandy starts with a broad green ribbon (12” long and 5” wide), cutting the ends into dovetails. After inserting a white decorative fall series light in the tool, she scrunches the green ribbon above it and follows it up with two more same colored ribbons of similar dimensions. Next she scrunches two translucent green ribbons (14” long and 1.5” wide) above the rest.

She inserts two decorative fall-themed flowers at the top facing in opposite direction. She finishes the bow by adding an orange ribbon (36” long and 1.5” wide) with twist-and-turn method making loops. After scrunching it, Sandy ties it all with the wire to complete the beautiful fall décor bow. She shapes the loops and the dovetails to enhance the beauty of the bow.


For this lovely décor bow, Sandy chooses a large golden mesh (72” long and 12” wide). After scrunching the mesh down into the Bowdabra, she inserts a few pieces of green garland above the mesh. Next she scrunches two orange dovetailed ribbons (54” long and 2” wide) in Bowdabra.

She scrunches in two more dovetailed ribbons (45” long and 2” wide) with twist-and-turn method, making loops. She adds a couple of decorative bushes on the top and ties it all to finish the huge but simple and pretty-looking mantle decoration bow. She shapes the tails and loops of the mesh and ribbons to give it a more flowery look.


Sandy has starts with a prepared wreath wrapped in gold mesh with floral decoration on it. After tying the wreath with the bow wire, she scrunches a burlap ribbon (108” long and 2.5” wide) in Bowdabra with twist-and-turn method making loops. Afterwards, she uses three yellow dovetailed ribbons (22” long and 2.5” wide) and scrunches them on top of burlap ribbon, again with the twist-and-turn method, making loops. She adds two golden meshes (22” long and 1” wide) above the rest and adds a decorative fall pumpkin over it.

Sandy uses yet another pretty fall printed ribbon (36” long) and scrunches it from above making loops. Lastly, she adds two decorative flowers on the top and ties it all in a slipknot with the bow wire while spreading the loops and tails of the bow. She lays the bow in the center of the wreath and ties the wire around it so that the bow remains attached to the wreath. This beautiful fall wreath bow can be hung on the doors and walls of your room to keep the spirit of festivals alive.


Sandy begins the bow making session by scrunching a broad burlap ribbon in Bowdabra and adds various patterns of ribbon scraps and meshes above it including a decorative fall green bush. She afterwards adds two ribbons making loops above it all. She adds another golden mesh on top and ultimately adds a decorative sunflower to the rest. Spreading the loops, she completes the beautiful sunflower vase bow, ready to be displayed in a decorative vase.


Starting the session with preparing a wreath beforehand that has a golden mesh wrapped around it along with decorative grapes attachment, Sandy scrunches two broad red-colored ribbons (long enough to cover the wreath) in Bowdabra followed by two golden meshes (18” long and 2.5”).

She inserts a printed wired ribbon on top (36” long and 2” wide) making loops with twist-and-turn. She adds the decorative grapes and ornaments to all and ties it with the bow wire to finish the bow. Later, she ties the bow with the wooden wreath to complete it. She spreads the tails and loops of ribbons to highlight its beauty.


Sandy scrunches a big piece of pretty golden mesh in Mini Bowdabra and then she adds a couple of dovetailed burlap ribbons over it, topped with a yellow ribbon in loops. Later, she adds another couple of silver mesh strips to it and lastly, she inserts a fall decorative sunflower to the rest. Spreading the ribbons and the meshes, Sandy thus finishes the beautiful golden mesh sunflower bow.


Keep these ready when you watch this video to start making awesome fun projects and bows in minutes:
Large Bowdabra
Bowdabra wire
Patterned ribbon in various lengths
Rhinestone Mesh ribbon
* Flowers

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