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Rustic DIY Wedding Decor In Minutes

Fall inspires beautiful decor. Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra, gets into the mood of the season and creates eye-catching and yet super simple amazing wedding decor bows in minutes with the Bowdabra and the Mini Bowdabra. Watch the tutorial to build your own bows collection.


Sandy scrunches a wired ribbon (12” long and 5” wide) in the Mini Bowdabra and adds a strip of another wired ribbon, dovetailed (6” long and 5” wide), over it. After inserting a pretty decorative flower in the tool, she adds yet another dovetailed wired ribbon strip (6” long and 4” wide). Completing the bow that is apt for any kind of a formal event or a wedding, Sandy puts a sticky pin-back on the bow that can be attached to any outfit like a shirt or top etc. The bow can even be made into a corsage for a lady’s wrist.


After scrunching a dovetailed designer ribbon in the Large Bowdabra, Sandy inserts four similar ribbons over it, though not dovetailed. She puts in a mesh and a dovetailed burlap ribbon and then adds a mesh ribbon on the top. Making a loopy bow out of a printed ribbon (approx. 2 yards) with twist and turn method, she sticks a decorative gourd at the center of the bow and spreads the dovetailed ends to complete the beautiful bow.


Sandy scrunches a printed dovetailed ribbon (2.5” wide and 17” long) and inserts two more printed similar ribbons, dovetailed and a bit shorter in length. In the next step, she adds two decorative grape-bunches facing opposite sides and a burlap ribbon (1 yard long and 1.5” wide) with twist and turn method, adding loops. She adds a mesh ribbon over it all and after spreading the dovetailed ends, she attaches a sticky pin to the bow that can stick to a champagne container.


Sandy begins the session with a burlap ribbon (5” wide and 34” long) and puts another burlap ribbon of different color, dovetailed (2.5” wide and 34” long). She tops it with two burlap ribbon strips and adds a mesh with twist and turn method. Adding a decorative flower over it, she spreads the mesh and the ribbon ends to complete the bow. This pew bow can also be used as a table centerpiece.


Starting with two dovetailed red and white wedding ribbons with flower patterns (1” wide and 19” long, 3 quarter 7” wide and 19” long), Sandy adds a burlap ribbon (1.5” wide and 17” long) over it with twist and turn method, making a loop. She puts a decorative white flower over it and lastly, scrunches a wired ribbon (2.5” wide and 14” long) on the top to finish the pretty bow. This hair bow can also be tied to the wrist as a corsage.




Sandy puts a golden mesh ribbon (5” wide and 45” long) and layers it with a burlap ribbon (2.5” wide and 45” long). After adding burlap mesh (12” wide and 1 yard long) in two loops, she adds two more dovetailed wired burlap ribbons (2.5” wide and 24” long) and adds a sliver mesh ribbon (5” wide and 2 yard long) making loops with the twist and scrunch method. She tops it with four wired ribbons (18” long) and adds another wired ribbon making loops folding it back and forth. In the last step, she adds a decorative flower bunch over it. This pretty big-sized bow can also be used as a door reef bow.



She scrunches a dovetailed burlap ribbon (6” long) in the Mini Bowdabra and adds another burlap ribbon making loops. She tops it with a bunch of decorative purple flowers over it and shapes the flowers and ribbons to complete the pretty little hair bow. As a final step, she glues a clip to the bow that can be attached to a hair band or a cap.


Keep these ready when you watch this video to start making awesome fun projects and bows in minutes:
Large Bowdabra
Bowdabra wire
Patterned ribbon in various lengths
* Burlap ribbon
* Gourd and Grapes
* Headband

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