Great Fall Wreaths and Gift Wrap with Bowdabra

Fall is a great time for making stunning decor, fall wreaths and gift wraps and what can be a simpler way than the Bowdabra. Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra, the world’s easiest bowmaker, shows you how you can make absolutely amazing yet super simple fall decor in minutes with just ribbons, mesh and the Bowabra Bow Wire on the Bowdabra.


Sandy begins the project with a golden yard-long mesh. She scrunches another golden mesh, 2-yard long, over the first one in the Bowdabra tool and inserts two decorative tree branches over it. Adding more ribbons in Bowdabra including two golden (8” wide and 20” long) and a silver (2” wide and 20” long) ribbons, Sandy further adds several kinds of mesh and printed ribbons over it. She finishes this beautiful big bow with a few white decorative roses and strips of printed dovetailed ribbons added with twist-and-turn method making loops.


Sandy uses Bowdabra rhinestone ribbon for this session that is layered with a 2-inch-wide burlap ribbon strip. She wraps it around the hurricane glass filled with pine cones. Sandy further uses the Mini Bowdabra to scrunch a dovetailed ribbon strip (1.5” wide and 8” long) topped with another strip of ribbon (1.5” wide and 11” long) with twist and turn method. She scrunches another 8-inch-long ribbon in the tool with the twist and turn method. Once the bow is completed and shaped out, she sticks it on the hurricane glass to make a cute little piece for the mantle or even a hostess gift.


Sandy scrunches a 13-inch-long pretty golden scrunchy ribbon in the standard Bowdabra topped with same-sized silver scrunchy ribbon. She then scrunches a 9-inch-long rhinestone ribbon along with a silver rhinestone ribbon. In the last step, she shapes the ribbons to complete the beautiful bow that can be tied on a bottle for a hostess gift and can also be used as cute ornaments.



Sandy uses a purple napkin as the base for this session. After scrunching it down in Bowdabra, she tops it with some pretty dovetailed printed and mesh ribbon strips. She continues adding small patched ribbons in a flower pattern. Once done adding the ribbons, she shapes them spreading the dovetailed ends to complete the beautiful napkin bow that can be used as a table center or for other kinds of home decoration.


Sandy uses two pieces of big-sized green mesh (12” wide and half yard long). She scrunches a decorative flower over it with two different colored ribbons, one yard long. She tops it with a curled burlap ribbon (2.5” wide and 40” long) and adds few more dovetailed ribbons over it before inserting a decorative plant over it. Sandy adds more different kinds of ribbon to it, including printed ribbons with twist and turn method making loops. She tops it with a pretty decorative pumpkin and ties it all to finish the big beautiful bow that can be used as a decorative bow for doors, walls, table centers etc.



Keep these ready when you watch this video to start making awesome fun projects and bows in minutes:
Large Bowdabra
Bowdabra wire
Patterned ribbon in various lengths
* Burlap ribbon
* Scrunchy Ribbon
* Bowdabra Rhinestone Mesh
* Golden Mesh
* Decorative pine cones

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