How to make elegant bows for beautiful, decorative packages

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here showing you how to use the Bowdabra to create elegant bows  perfect for all your decorative packages.  Vary the colors and size of the ribbon to get different effects.

You may find that your bows are almost as popular as the packages themselves!

With the holidays upon us, birthdays during this time can get lost in the shuffle.  Why not give a sweet gift to that special someone, decorated with a Bowdabra bow!  It definitely provides a WOW! factor.

Bowdabra beautiful decorative packages

Bowdabra Gift

Bowdabra Bow Making Tool
Bow Wire
Bottle of soda
Bag of candy

Begin by placing the Bow Wire in the Bowdabra.  Place a 10″ length of sheer ribbon in the channel,  followed by the woven ribbon, leaving a 3″ tail.

Bowdabra Gift

Pass the woven ribbon through the Bowdabra creating a 3  loop bow.

Bowdabra Gift

Continue adding ribbon, creating as many loops you need.    Pull up on the bow wire and tie off.

Bowdabra Gift

Fluff out the bow.

Bowdabra Gift

Using the sheer ribbon, tie the candy to the bottle.  Then use the bow wire to tie the bow to the bottle.

decorative packages

Finally, bring the bow wire to the front and use a craft pick to twirl the bow wire.  This adds another fun element to your gift.

Bowdabra Gift

Some times you just need a bow to finish off a sweet gift.

What do you think?


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