How to make a fun and festive hair bow

If you love big hair bows you are going to love learning how to make this fun and festive hair bow with Bowdabra! In fact, bowmaking is so easy with Bowdabra you won’t be able to stop with just one.

Bowdabra fun and festive hair bow

how to create a fabulous hair bow Bowdabra fun and festive hair bow

Materials Needed for video tutorial/Materiales para el video tutorial:
[ more or less materials for different looks are optional/mas or menus materiales para diferentes estilos es opcional ]

Bowdabra Tool/Maquina de Bowdabra
Bowdabra Wire/Alambre de Bowdabra
Ruler or Measuring Tape/Regla o Cinta de Medir

2 strips ( two ) cut flush 10 [ ten ] inches /2 ( dos ) pedazos de Cinta Secundaria cortado recto midiendo 10 [ diez ] pulgadas

2 strips ( two ) of Secondary Ribbon cut flush 8 [ eight ] inches /2 ( dos ) pedazos de Cinta Secundaria cortado recto midiendo 8 [ ocho ] pulgadas

4 ( four ) strips of Decorative Ribbon ( Primary Ribbon ) cut flush 6 ( six ) inches each/                               4 ( four) pedazos de Cinta Decorativa cortado recto midiendo 6 ( seis ) pulgadas cada uno

1 ( one ) Piece of Secondary Ribbon for Trim 4 [ four ] inches/1 ( un ) Pedazo de Cinta Secundaria para terminar el estilo midiendo 4 [ cuatro ] pulgadas

Christel Jules with Silky Stems Design Studio demonstrates this fun and festive hair bow in the introduction of this tutorial. Then, she teaches how to make a similar bow in a different color combination. It’s so easy to achieve a different look with variations in materials.  You can attach this bow to a headband as shown in still shots if desired. Changing a few minor things such as headband widths, fabrics, hair accessories, and hats result in endless possibilities.  These bows are great for cheerleading teams, events, Valentine’s Day, parties and more.  They also make great gifts!

You can watch along and pause the video to practice the techniques. Then, share your finished projects on our Bowdabra Fan Gallery.

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4 thoughts on “How to make a fun and festive hair bow

  • Barbara J Blanco

    Wow wow!! I love this video! So much fun to watch & you take us through the steps with ease. You are very talented. Ill be sure & catch up on all of you DIY videos! You are a natural!! Such amazing talent!! God Bless!

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