The ultimate guide to beautiful Bowdabra boutique hair bows

So do you want to make beautiful boutique hair bows?  Bowdabra bow maker helps you make all sorts of hair bows quickly and easily.  Whether you are making large two loop bows or a standard two-loop hair bow, the Bowdabra makes bow making super simple. First, however, let’s discuss what exactly are boutique hair bows?

Bowdabra boutique hair bows

ultimate guide to boutique hair bows


As Shakespeare once said, “what’s in a name?”  The word Boutique is a French word that literally means, a shop, especially a small one selling fashionable clothes and other items.

When it comes to bows, there are many kinds.  A boutique hair bow is usually a bow consisting of at least two loops on each side. Many are made with grosgrain ribbon in any width.  These loops can be twisted, or layered.  The center can be a simple knot, or one can add any embellishment of choice.  So, in essence, a Boutique hair bow is open to personal interpretation.  A standard boutique hair bow is a great starting place as shown in the tutorial below.

Valentine Boutique hair bow


After you’ve made the standard Boutique bow, its time to make the twisted boutique bow.  The next bow tutorial featured is a twisted Boutique style hair bow.  It’s so pretty, yet so easy to make!

Twisted boutique hair bow

Most Boutique hair bows are on the smallish side, but that is not to say one cannot make an extra large Boutique hair bow depending upon the size of ribbon one uses.

Bowdabra boutique hair bows

Large boutique hair bow

Don’t stop here.  There are hundreds of videos, and DIY tutorials on Bowdabra blog.  Check out all the amazing bows and be sure and stop by each Monday for Facebook live with Sandy Sandler at 4:00 PST, 7:00 PST.



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