Gorgeous and Super Easy DIY Home Décor Bows

Create stunningly beautiful and super easy DIY Home Décor in minutes with the Bowdabra. Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra, shows you how simple it is to put together ribbons, bow wire and flower picks to create amazing napkin rings, wreaths and table centerpieces at minimum expense.


Sandy begins the project with piercing a rhinestone mesh with the Bowdabra wire while placing it in the Mini Bowdabra. She scrunches golden scrunchy ribbon (16” long) and tops it with a few orange ribbon strips (3” long and 1.5” wide). She adds another ribbon strip (9” long and 0.5” wide) making loops and ties it all along with the rhinestone mesh to finish the cool napkin holder.


For this project, Sandy uses the Big Bowdabra. She inserts a mesh ribbon (21” long and 12” wide) and tops it with some pretty tiny lights. She inserts a pretty blue printed ribbon (40.5” long) with twist and turn method making loops, then scrunches a Bowdabra golden scrunchy ribbon over it. Later she tops it with a golden dovetailed mesh ribbon (4” long) and ties it all, fluffing the loops to finish the beautiful bow that can be used as a wreath bow or table centerpiece.


Sandy inserts a huge piece of ribbon (2 and half yrds long and 5” wide) in the Big Bowdabra with twist and turn method making loops and scrunches another ribbon (17.5” long and 2.5” wide) over it. Now she uses two identical ribbons, both 2 yards long with a width of 1.5” and 1” respectively that she again inserts with twist and turn method making loops. She tops it with a pretty green flower pick and ties it all shaping the loops to finish the beautiful big bow for DIY home decor. This bow can be used as a champagne holder at dinner parties.



For this wreath bow, Sandy uses 3 dovetailed champagne ribbons (26” long and 5” wide) and tops it with another ribbon of 32” long. She adds some more dovetailed ribbons to it and scrunches it with two 35” long and 5” wide ribbons making loops. She inserts a sliver ribbon (31” long and 2” wide) over it making loops and uses another ribbon (2.7 yards long and 2.5” wide) making loops. She ties it all and shapes the loops and tails to finish the beautiful wreath bow.



Scrunching a few ribbon strips (10.5” long and 1.5” wide) in the Bowdabra, Sandy inserts some blue colored dovetailed ribbon pieces (8” long and 3” wide) and tops it with pink ribbon petals. She scrunches a golden mesh (2” long and wide) over it. After tying it all, she spreads the tails and petals to finish the pretty ribbon flower DIY home décor.


For this project, Sandy uses a pretty blue ribbon (1.5-yard-long and 2.5” wide) that she scrunches making loops in an X manner. She tops it with golden scrunchy ribbon (20” long) along with a 4” long dovetailed mesh. She ties it all and fluffs the loops to finish the pretty blue and golden bow.


Keep these ready when you watch this video to start making awesome fun projects and super simple DIY home decor in minutes:
• Large Bowdabra
• Bowdabra wire
• Patterned ribbons in various lengths
* Bowdabra Rhinestone Mesh
* Scrunchy Ribbon
* Light pick

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