How to make these adorable and fun bridal shower favors

Wedding season is fast approaching and you may soon be the host of a bridal shower. Why not make these fun bridal shower favors quick and easy with Bowdabra?  You can whip out favors for all your guests in literally minutes. The best part is that it looks like you spent hours!

You can use the colors of ribbon suggested here or personalize it with the colors of the wedding party. Fill the cute little pails with candies or small treats and you have a delightfully different and fun bridal shower favor.

fun bridal shower favors

Updated 2019

Bowdabra fun bridal shower favors


  • Mini Bowdabra
  • Bowdabra bow wire
  • Small metal pails
  • 3/8” wide black satin ribbon
  • 7/8” wide white satin ribbon
  • 3/8” wide pink satin ribbon
  • Rhinestones
  • Lighter or clear nail polish to seal the ends of the ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks or glue dots
  • Candy

(Optionally cut a dovetail in the straight pieces of ribbon by folding lengthwise and cutting from the fold to the open ends.  Seal the ends with a lighter or nail polish.)



  1. To make the bow for the Bridal Shower Party Favors: Cut a 24”piece of Bowdabra Bow Wire and fold it in half. Lay it into the Mini Bowdabra. You’ll have a loop at one end and two loose pieces at the opposite end. This will be your slipknot. Before inserting any ribbon make sure you seal the ends with lighter or clear nail polish.
  1. Cut a length of black ribbon. Fold in half to find the center and insert into the Bowdabra.  Next, cut a length of the white satin ribbon and insert it into the Bowdabra.  Fold to make a loop.  Make a matching loop on the other side.  Continue in this way until you have a total of four loops.

fun bridal shower favors

  1. Now, cut a piece of the pink ribbon, fold in half to find the center and insert into the Bowdabra.

fun bridal shower favors

  1. Next, cut another longer piece of black ribbon and insert into the Bowdabra. Then, make loops back and forth till you have a total of four loops.  Scrunch down with the Bowdabra wand.

fun bridal shower favors

  1. While the bow is still in the Bowdabra, take the two loose ends and thread them through the loop and pull tight. Remove the bow, turn to the back and tie a knot.  Use the excess wire to tie the bow to the pail handle.  Curl the ends with a pencil or dowel for decorative curls.

fun bridal shower favors

fun bridal shower favors

fun bridal shower favors

  1. Add some rhinestones to the outside of the pail. Fill with candy.  Make several for party favors.


fun bridal shower favors

fun bridal shower favor

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