How to Make a Super Cute Bowdabra Tobacco Basket Spring Wreath

Tobacco Basket spring wreathTobacco baskets are very popular in home decor. They create a special unique look when combined with a decorative wreath and bow. And you won’t believe how easy it is to make a lovely tobacco basket spring wreath using pansy stems, floral wired ribbon and of course, the Bowdabra!

Bowdabra Tobacco Basket Spring Wreath

Materials Needed:
Bow Wire and Wand
Pansy Stems
Wired Ribbon – 9ft roll
Tobacco Basket

Let’s start by folding a 36″ length of bow wire in half and place in the Bowdabra. Begin laying pansy stems into the Bowdabra, adjusting the stems for a full and cascading look. Then, continue adding pansy stems until you are satisfied with the look.

Make the Bow

To Make the Bow: Keep the 9ft. roll of ribbon intact. Leave a 12″ tail of ribbon creasing the ribbon and place into the Bowdabra. Since the floral design is only on one side, make a 4″ loop and twist the ribbon down into the Bowdabra. Next, fold and twist the ribbon for a 4″ loop on the opposite side down into the Bowdabra. Continue to loop and twist on each side for a total of 10 loops – five on each side, with tails. Dovetail the ends by folding the ribbon in half and cutting at the fold on an angle down to the ribbon edge. Next, scrunch down the ribbon loops and stems together using the Bowdabra wand. To keep the stems and ribbon together, make a slip knot by taking the loose ends of the bow wire through the wire loop, pulling tight while gently pulling the bow and pansy stems out. Be careful when pulling out so that the stems stay intact.

Then, Reinforce the stems and bow several times around with the bow wire to secure and then tie in a double knot in the back. Place wreath on the center of the tobacco basket spring wreath and use the bow wire to tie and attach the wreath to the back. Fluff the bow loops and adjust the pansy stems. Add a loop made out of bow wire to the top of the basket for hanging.Tobacco Basket spring wreathTobacco Basket spring wreath This tobacco basket spring wreath is a unique look for the front door or as a wall hanging. And it’s quite versatile any time of year by using different flowers and bow ribbon to fit a theme or season!

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  • vicky

    I am confused. You say the floral design is only on one side???? but picture looks like both sides. If only on one side when you add ribbon, when do you do other side?

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