How to make an easy spring wreath with Bowdabra

HI everyone, Steph Ackerman here today sharing how to create an easy Spring wreath with Bowdabra.

easy Spring Wreath

Easy spring wreath with Bowdabra

Bow Wire

Begin by placing Bow Wire in the Bowdabra and wrapping it underneath so it is out of your way while creating your bow.

Spring Wreath

Starting with the 3″ wide ribbon, place it in the Bowdabra, leaving a 3″ length.   Create a bow loop of the size of your choice and twist the ribbon while placing it back through the Bowdabra.

Spring Wreath

Continue until you have 5 loops on either side of the Bowdabra.

Spring Wreath

Next, select a coordinating 2″ wide ribbon.  Create a loop and place in the Bowdabra.  Twist the ribbon to create the next loop. Continue until you have 3 loops on either side, folding the last loop with the ribbon underneath so it does not show.

Spring Wreath

Select some flower sprays and place in the channel.

Spring Wreath

Pull up on the Bow Wire and tie off.

Spring Wreath

Fluff up the layers.

Spring Wreath

Use the left over Bow Wire to tie the bow to a grapevine wreath.

Thanks for stopping by.

steph ackerman - design team

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