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How to Make a Rag Bow with Upcycled Material

rag bow

Did you know you can upcycle old curtains, tablecloths, and sheets into an adorable rag bow? Rag bows are quite popular,  especially in rustic and farmhouse decor. What is a rag bow, you say? It’s a bow made out of a cut, torn or ripped strip of fabric! And is quite easy to make using your Bowdabra!

Bowdabra Upcycled Rag Bow

Bowdabra/ and Wand
Bowdabra Bow Wire
Rotary Cutter/Scissors
Rag Strips
Decorative Button

Let’s begin by cutting various lengths and widths of fabric from old curtains, tablecloths, and sheets. Don’t worry about the fabric fraying – it’s a rag bow!

Next, fold in half a 24″ length of Bowdabra Bow Wire and place into the Bowdabra, tucking ends under.

Begin placing strips of fabric down into the Bowdabra, alternating patterns and lengths, making sure they are laying flat. These will be your streamers.

To make the loops for the rag bow, crease a strip of fabric placing it down in the Bowdabra. Make a 6-7 inch loop and insert into the Bowdabra.

Make another loop the same length on the opposite side. Remember, these are rag loops so they will be floppy!

Continue adding fabric strips

Continue adding strips of various fabric forming loops on each side and making sure the loops are even. Keep adding as many loops as you like.

Then scrunch all the loops down into the Bowdabra using the Bowdabra Wand.
Next, grab the loose ends of the bow wire and take them through the loop, pulling tightly while holding the bow loops and tails together. Slowly pull the bow out, wrapping the bow wire around the fabric several times to secure, ending in the back, then tie a couple of knots

The decorative button has a place in the back to insert a piece of bow wire to tie it on the center of the rag bow.

And finally, fluff out the loops and adjust the tails which can be trimmed.

The Rag Bow can be used as a wall hanging for a rustic feel . . .

or add it to a wreath for a vintage, shabby chic look!


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