How to make an amazing Bowdabra bow wire friendship bracelet

We always talk about bows. We show you how to make them, use them, and wear them. And we secure them with Bowdabra bow wire, but do you really know how amazing Bowdabra bow wire actually is? You can use it for all sorts of thing including a Bowdabra bow wire friendship bracelet!

bow wire friendship bracelet

First of all, when one works with wire it’s hard on the hands. Not so, with Bowdabra bow wire because it’s a coated wire.  This makes Bowdabra bow wire easy to tie just like it was string, albeit a very, very strong string.  So it’s perfect for tying all your bows.

In addition, since Bowdabra bow wire is a wire you can spiral the ends by wrapping around a pencil or paintbrush handle for an extra design element!

Since Bowdabra bow wire comes in silver and gold, it looks extra special when making bows adding to its appeal.  If you decide you would like to add a charm simple thread it through and tie it to the front of your bow.

You can use Bowdabra bow wire for beading and be assured that it will not break very easily.  I always save extra pieces of bow wire to use in other craft projects.  Add a bead, tie a knot and place it in a pendant bezel to which you add clear dimensional silicone.

Bowdabra bow wire Friendship bracelet



  • Bowdabra bow wire
  • Clear tape

First, take 4 strands of bow wire.  Tie a knot and then tape the strands to a table or hard surface.  Next, using several strands braid them continuing to the length to go around the wrist.

bow wire friendship bracelet

bow wire friendship bracelet

Remove the tape and make sure you leave the same amount of excess as when you started your braid. Knot the end.  To finish, tie a knot to the other end to form the Bow wire friendship bracelet.

bow wire friendship bracelet

Clip the ends even to about an inch and slide onto the wrist.  To make an even thicker bracelet use more strands of bow wire when braiding. You can even mix both silver and gold to make one.

bow wire friendship bracelet

bow wire friendship bracelet

This would be a great group or girl scout swapping craft!



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