How to make amazing up-styled designer flip-flops

Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra bow maker shows you how to make these amazing up-styled designer flip-flops in minutes.  She shows you quick and easy steps to create adorable flower accents for any flip-flops you may have.  Dress up an older pair, or get a few new ones and create them for gifts. These designer flip-flops are great for weddings too!

designer flip-flops

Up-styled designer flip-flops


Now we’re going to make this adorable pair of up-styled designer flip-flops.

So, I’m going to start with my Bowdabra Bow Wire. I’ve already folded it in half. And I’m just going to lay it into my Mini Bowdabra. And I’m just tucking the ends underneath so they stay out of the way.

Next, I’m going to take this really pretty piece of our Bowdabra Metallic Mesh, and I’m going to lay this down in here and just scrunch it on in.

Add the ribbon flower petals

Then, I’ve taken and precut these pieces of wire edge ribbon and made points on the end of them. I’m going to just scrunch these into my Mini Bowdabra. So, this is just so simple, and this is a phenomenal project to make for bridal flip-flops or just to upcycle any pair of flip-flops.

Then I have this brush of six stems, and I’ve just wrapped them all up. I’m going to lay this into my Mini Bowdabra. And you could use any flowers you want; I just liked the white roses for this project.

Since I folded my Bowdabra Bow Wire in half, I have a slipknot. So, I’m just going to pull the two ends through the slipknot. I’ll hold the bow tight in my Bowdabra, and then pull it out.

Finishing your flip-flops

Now, I’m just going to separate the ends and bring them around to the back, and I’ll tie a knot. Now you have a choice. You can take these and just tie them onto your flip-flop, or I would suggest using an adhesive that works with rubber. Just let it set, and then you can wear them.  I cheated and used a glue dot here. Let me mention that I’m using a Zot, and we’ll put a link on the blog for getting your Zots. I really like these. I think they’re the most adhesive dots that I’ve found.

Now, I’m just going to shape this out. Let me just get this all shaped. And then, you have this adorable pair of flip flops that took minutes to make, so super simple.

designer flip-flops

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