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Create Jaw Dropping and Easy DIY Dollar Store Wedding Decor Ideas

“A fun Bridal shower project, Let everyone join in and help you make all your pew bows,” says Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra, the world’s easiest bowmaker.

And why not! Isn’t it fun making the most stunning wedding decor ideas in minutes with just a few inexpensive supplies? Join Sandy on her Facebook Live as she takes you through an enthralling journey of making jaw-dropping wedding bows.

Wedding decor ideas Video



First, Sandy picks up two 29″ long pieces of dovetailed silver mesh Bowdabra ribbon and scrunches one down the middle into the Large Bowdabra. Next, she picks up a white, checkered dovetailed ribbon. (26″ long)  Then, she scrunches it down the middle too and adds another piece of the same ribbon, leaving its tails flowing to the other side.

Next, she adds the other piece of the mesh ribbon, scrunches one end into the Bowdabra, loops it over and tucks the other end in too. Scrunching the loop down the middle into the Bowdabra, Sandy forms a glittery bow shape with the mesh. She shapes the bow as she works.

Continue adding ribbon

The process is followed yet again with 3 pieces of the white patterned ribbon piece (30″ long). She puts the right side down into the Bowdabra. Then, she makes a loop and tucks in the other end. Next, Sandy adds a 31″ long x 6″ wide piece of the mesh and scrunches it straight down into the Bowdabra.

Finally, Sandy ties it up with the Bow Wire.  She leaves the extra wire in there, without cutting it so that the bow can be tied on to the pew. She shapes out the bow turning it into a beautiful pew bow.

Beautiful Pew Bow



First, Sandy takes a 1 and 1/2″ wide and 4 yards long patterned white ribbon for the main bow and two other pieces of the same ribbon 31″ long for the tail. Next, she places the two pieces for the tails. Now, she scrunches and leaves the ends loose in the Bowdabra. Next, she scrunches in the longer piece. She uses a twist and fold method to make large loops. This process ensures that the wrong side of the ribbon stays in the inside of the loop.

She doesn’t measure any loops, however, to give them a hand-tied look. Next, she scrunches the end of the ribbon straight down with a little mountain-up fold. She ties the arrangement up with the Bow Wire. She leaves the extra bit intact so that the bow can be tied to the wreath. And finally, she fluffs up the last bit of the ribbon into a half loop right in the center.

Gorgeous Wreath Bow


To create the wreath, Sandy picks up 20″ x 32″ of blue mesh and scrunches it into the Bowdabra. Next, she picks up a piece of the silver mesh 23″ x 6″ and scrunches it down into the Bowdabra. She adds a flower pick to it and ties it up and keeps the bow aside. For this wreath, you would have to make 8 such pieces. She makes four in a light blue mesh.  And then makes four with a darker blue shade.

To make a cute little flower bow, Sandy picks up the Mini Bowdabra and scrunches in a piece of the silver tulle 10″ long x 6″ wide.  Next, she adds 4″ pre-cut ribbon flower petals to it. To Finish she tops it up with a decorative little sequin in the center. She ties it up and sets it aside.

Add the extras

Sandy next scrunches in a piece of the mesh simply and ties it up. As it shapes out, she ties it to a white dove she had picked up at a garage sale. Then, she fluffs out the silver loops to make them look like the dove’s feathers.

Now, Sandy ties up all the bows on to the wreath, neatly arranging them.  Sandy ties in the white loopy bow in the middle. She adds the ribbon flowers with the zots.  She also ties the birds in too. Shaped out, the wreath looks stunningly beautiful. And it is super simple to make!


Sandy uses a 42″ x 2 1/2 inches pink patterned ribbon to make a super simple 4-loop bow. She scrunches the right side of the ribbon down into the Bowdabra, brings one end back and tucks it in, leaving no ends showing. She takes the other end of the ribbon across in an X and tucks that in too, scrunching in the bottom part of the X and then the top part of the X to get 4 even loops. Next, she takes a 19″ x 6″ piece of tulle and scrunches it in straight over the X. Finally, Sandy ties it all up and shapes out the loops and tulle and adds a rose red light in the middle.

Super simple centerpiece bow



Keep these ready when you watch this video to start making awesome fun projects and super simple bows in minutes:

• Large Bowdabra
• Mini Bowdabra
• Bowdabra wire
• Patterned ribbons in various lengths
• Rose red light
• Sparkle mesh ribbon silver
• Wreath
• Mesh

 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas

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