Super Easy DIY Wreaths and Bows – Video Tutorial

Wreaths add a special touch of elegance and beauty to your home décor. You can make them look even more gorgeous by decorating them with DIY bows, made in minutes with the Bowdabra!

Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra, shows you how simple and super easy it is to make a variety of wreath bows, using ribbons, mesh, lights and wreaths.

FLIP FLOP WREATH  and  WREATH BOW (watch from 0.58)

Materials used:

*Straw Wreath 18″
*Flip Flops
* Katherine’s Collection Floral Picks
* Large Bowdabra
* White Tulle
* Blue Mesh Ribbon
* Pink Burlap Ribbon
* Pink Ribbon (Different Shade)

1. Sandy scrunches in two super pretty Katherine’s Collection branches into the Large Bowdabra, and adds a white tulle (45” long and 7” wide).

2. She tops it with a beautiful blue mesh ribbon (30” long and 6” wide) and adds another white tulle (42” long and 6.5” wide), making loops.

3. Next, she adds a blue mesh (2 yards long and 6” wide) making loops in an X manner and adds another tulle (5 aces of a yard) making loops.

4. She scrunches in a pink burlap ribbon over the other bows making loops in an X manner along with another pink ribbon of a different shade.

5. She ties it all together, shapes out the loops of the bow and glues the bow to the flip flop wreath to finish the super simple and beautiful wreath bow.

flip flop wreath bow



Materials used:

* Large Bowdabra
* Red Mesh Ribbon
* Dovetailed Ribbons Assortment
* Red and Blue Ribbons
* Stripped Ribbon
* Patriotic Garland   and  18″ Grapvine Wreath Form

1. Sandy scrunches in a red mesh ribbon in the Large Bowdabra, making loops.

2. She adds a few dovetailed ribbons (20” long and 10” wide) over it.

3. Scrunching them all in, Sandy separates the tails and adds another red ribbon in the Bowdabra along with some blue ribbons on top, making loops.

4. She adds some decorative garlands and a few more blue ribbons along with a striped ribbon.

5. Sandy ties it all up, shapes out the loops and the tails. She ties the super pretty red and blue bow to the wreath to finish the awesome looking patriotic bow.

gorgeous patriotic wreath bow


Green Mesh Ribbon And 12″  Wreath

Materials Used:

* Large Bowdabra
* Assortment of Printed and Mesh Ribbons
* Decorative Lilly Flowers
* Willow Wreath Form

1. Sandy scrunches dovetailed printed and mesh ribbons (26” long and 2.5” wide) in the Large Bowdabra.

2. She adds a blue mesh ribbon (27” long and 2.5” wide) over it making loops and adds another printed ribbon (28” long), again making loops.

3. Sandy scrunches different sizes of both the ribbons alternatively, making loops.

4. Next, she tops it with some green mesh (12” long and 1.5” wide).

5. Adding some lilies to it along with a printed blue ribbon (11” long), Sandy scrunches another piece of a blue mesh ribbon (8” long) over it and ties it all.

6. She shapes the loops and the tails to finish the bow and ties it to the wreath.

green mesh ribbon and burlap wreath


Super Easy DIY Wreaths and Bows you'll Make Again and Again!

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