How to create an wonderful, elegant fall wreath bow

We’ve already seen all the fall items in the stores.  They don’t call summer, lazy and hazy for nothing. So put that extra time to good use and get a jump on your fall and holiday décor.  Before you know it, schools will be going back and it will start getting super busy.  So watch this easy video as Bowdabra creator, Sandy, show you how to make this beautiful and elegant fall wreath bow.

elegant fall wreath bow

Elegant fall wreath bow


30in Bowdabra Bow Wire


(3) 9in X 1yd Sparkle Burlap

(2) Katherine’s Collection Leaf Picks

(3) 16in X 4in Gold Glitter Mesh

(3) 2.5in X 20in Katherine’s Collection Red Velvet Ribbon

(1) 15in Bowdabra Rhinestone Mesh

(2) 2.5in X 6in Gold and Silver Paint Splatter Ribbon

(1) Bird Pick

Now we’re going to make this beautiful, elegant fall wreath bow.  This bow is perfect anytime during the fall. So, let’s get started.

First, I’m going to take my Bowdabra Bow Wire, and I’m folding it in half.  And I’m just going to lay it down into my Bowdabra and just tuck the ends underneath.

Then, I’m going to take this beautiful ribbon, and all I’m going to do here is to find the right side of my ribbon. So, this is the right side. I’m going to put it upside-down and I’m just going to scrunch this in. And then, what I’m going to do is come back around, and I’m going to take the right side of the ribbon, and I’m just going to scrunch this into my Bowdabra.

And then, I’m going to just scrunch the middle in. Now, I’m going to do exactly the same thing, I’m going to take the right side of my ribbon and put it down into my Bowdabra. Now, I’m going to take this, bring it back around, scrunch this into my Bowdabra.  I’ll bring this back around go into the center. And I’m just going to kind of shape it a little bit as I go. Then, take my last piece and take the right side of my ribbon, put this down into my Bowdabra.

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So now, I’m just going to scrunch this in here and separate the end. I just kind of shape this all out here so it’s easier to shape when I pull it out of the Bowdabra. Scrunch this down.

Next, I have these two absolutely beautiful picks, they’re from Katherine’s Collection, and I’m going to put one going this way. (And I just love the different patterns of the glitter and the velvet that’s in these picks). So, I’m just going to lay these across. Then, I have my glitter mesh, and I’ve already dovetailed the ends. Just in case you’re not familiar, in order to dovetail, you just fold the ribbon in half and you just cut it at a diagonal from the fold to the corner. And that’s what gives you the beautiful dovetailed ends. I’m just going to fold this in half, and we have three of these. So, we’re just going to put these going in different directions and take one more piece.

I’ve got these three pieces here. And this again is one of the beautiful Katherine’s Collection ribbons. We’re just going to scrunch this in here, bring this back around, and scrunch that in, and then scrunch this in the middle. I’m doing the same thing as we did on the bottom. We’re just going to take the right side of the ribbon and put it going downwards and just scrunch that in, bring this back around, and do exactly the same thing. Then, bring that in and scrunch it in, and then scrunch the top one in.

One of the great things about Katherine’s Collection ribbon is just that it’s fully lined. It’s a very, very high-quality ribbon.

Next, I’m going to just take this piece here, bring it back around and scrunch that in. Then, what I’ll do is I have these pieces of our Bowdabra Rhinestone Mesh, and I just took it and cut it in half so I’d have two pieces. And I’m just going to lay the first piece going this way, and then, the second piece going down in here. This could also be a really pretty mantle bow. It has so many uses.

Now, this is our Bowdabra Paint Splatter, and I’ve already dovetailed the ends. Bring this back over here. And then, we are going to perch our adorable little bird right on top. So, he’s going to go right in there. So, we’ll put him in there. Then, I’m going to just take my Bowdabra wand and scrunch everything down. And when the Bowdabra gets really full, sometimes you just have to pull the towers apart, because we’ve got a lot of stuff in this Bowdabra.

What I’m going to do is hold it all down there, bring my wire up, bring the other wire and bring that through. I pull it really tight through my slipknot while it’s still in my Bowdabra. Then, I’m going to pull it out and take these and bring it around to the back and tie it really tight. Bring it around to the back and tie a knot back here. Tie another knot for extra security. And I’m going to leave the ends because then, I can use this to tie it onto my wreath.

Alternately, if you want it as a mantle garland, you’ll have everything that you need right here. So now, I’m just going to shape it out. And my bird does not want to stay on the pick, so we are going to cheat. I’m going to put a little glue dot here and just sit him right in the center. Now obviously, I would use a glue gun for that, if you have a temperamental bird.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this. Please comment below and let me know what you think. And also, we’ll have a link to where you can enter our contest, we do a monthly contest. And then, we also do a weekly giveaway on our Facebook Live, Mondays at 7:00 p.m. EST, 4:00 p.m. PST.  So now, you have this absolutely gorgeous centerpiece or elegant fall wreath bow. You are sure to get many compliments on this bow!

Elegant Fall wreath bow

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