How to Make an Accordion Fan and Bows Gift Wrap

accordion fan and bowsTake your gift wrapping to the next level with an adorable accordion fan and bows gift wrap design. Instead of sealing both ends when wrapping a gift, try accordion folding one end like a fan and adding a pretty bow to finish the look!

How to Make An Accordion Fan and Bows Gift Wrap:
Materials Needed

• Wrapping paper
• Scissors
• Double sided tape
Bowdabra and Bowdabra Wand
Bowdabra Bow Wire
• Assorted Ribbon
• Hot Glue/Glue Dots

Cut wrapping paper lengthwise about 2 1/2 times the height of the box upright. Fold one end of the paper over the box and place a piece of tape near the middle of the box to secure the paper. Fold the other side of the paper over and overlap slightly with the paper you just taped down. Use double-sided tape for a cleaner look to seal.

Tuck down the top end paper and secure with tape creating two little side wings. Fold those in against the box. Make a small fold at the edge of the bottom flap. Then fold it up against the box and fasten in place with double-sided tape.

Make your accordian fan

Be sure to run your fingers along the edges of the wrapping paper to create sharp edges. Next, crease the sides of paper at the opposite end, flattening the paper together. Begin folding paper, back and forth, accordion style.

Continue making accordion folds until you can’t fold the paper any more. Holding the folded paper in the middle, place double sided tape on one side of paper folds and connect the other side, pressing them together to form a fan.

Add additional double-sided tape to keep folds together at bottom and . . .

to keep the fan upright.

To Make the Bow:
Because the wrapping paper is so colorful with lovely patterns, use different color and design ribbons to create a whimsical, pretty Bowdabra bow!

Let’s begin by folding an 18″ bow wire in half and inserting it into the Bowdabra, tucking ends under. Next, measure 4″ for the ribbon bow tail creasing in the middle, down into the Bowdabra. To make the first loop, make a fold at the three inch mark pressing down into the Bowdabra.

Next, fold the other side ribbon at the same three inch length, creasing down into the Bowdabra.

Continue folding and creasing ribbon down into the Bowdabra to make one more loop on each side for a total of four loops.

Add additional assorted ribbons, following the same steps as before – folding and creasing ribbon down into Bowdabra to make four more loops – two on each side.

Be sure to fold and twist the ribbon if using ribbon with the design on one side when making loops.

Continue adding different widths of ribbon, forming loops on each side until satisfied with the look. Then scrunch all the loops down into the Bowdabra using the Bowdabra Wand.

While the bow is still in the Bowdabra, thread the two loose ends of the bow wire through the loop, pulling tightly and tie in a knot and gently pull bow out.

To Make Finishing Ribbon:

Cut a small piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around center of bow, overlapping in back and sealing with glue dot or hot glue.

Dovetail the ribbon ends and fluff bow!
Attach bow using hot glue onto gift wrap in center of fan for a festive flair design!

accordion fan and bows

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2 thoughts on “How to Make an Accordion Fan and Bows Gift Wrap

  • acraftymix

    I popped over from Gail’s beautiful site to see how she did this. What a lovely idea. It adds that touch of class and “caring” to the package and I love that little bowdabra thingy mabobby. I’ve never been able to make a proper bow and that just looks so easy.

    1. Gail Griffin Post author

      Thanks so much Michelle for stopping by and checking out the gift wrap! You’re such a sweetheart! Once you get a Bowdabra, you’ll never stop making the perfect bow!

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