How to make a stunning no sew two-ribbon boutique hair bow

Watch this simple DIY video as Bowdabra creator, Sandy Sandler shows you how to make this stunning no-sew two ribbon boutique hair bow.  She uses a dimensional rose ribbon and fuses it with a complimentary ribbon to make this amazing boutique style hair bow.  So easy you can make it in minutes.

two ribbon boutique hair bow

Two-ribbon boutique hair bow


“Hi, I’m Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra. Today, I’m going to show you how to make this really simple two-ribbon boutique hair bow. So, let’s get started.”

First, I’m going to start by taking my Peel and Stick washable fabric fuse. And I’ve just laid it down the center of this ribbon. So, I’m just going to pull this here. I’m going to clip it right there and pull it all off. Then, I’m going to take my second ribbon  (I love this because it’s like a 3D rose ribbon.) and I’m just going to lay it down the center. This just makes it really easy, when you’re making your bow. It holds both ribbons together so you don’t have to worry about it.

Make your bow

Next, I’m going to take my Mini Bowdabra. We are going to make this in the Mini. I’m going to take some of my silver Bowdabra Bow Wire and I’m going to fold it in half. I’m using about 16 or 17 inches, but how I measure is I fold it in half, lay it in my Mini, and then just tuck the ends under. So, as long as I have enough room for that, then I’m good to go.

Now, I’m going to just lay this into my Mini Bowdabra and tuck the ends underneath. I just set that right there. Then, what I’m going to do is, the way we make our boutique bows, is I’m going to fold my ribbon in half. It looks like I’ve got a little bit more of the rose ribbon here, so I’m just going to clip that off. So, I’m going to fold my ribbon in half, and then, I’m going to take the right side of my ribbon, the center and just scrunch that down into my Bowdabra.

I didn’t do it in the center, so the nice thing about Bowdabra is I can just pull up my sides and measure, and I need to pull just a little bit more. This is a thick ribbon. If you have the Mini Bowdabra Hairbow Tool and Ruler it will make it a little bit easier. So, we’re good there.

So now, what I’m going to do is I’m going to make a loop here. Bring it back around and just scrunch it into my Mini. So now, I have my first loop. Then, for my second loop, I’m going to make an X. Bring it again, take the right side of the ribbon, and push that down. And I’m going to do like my little mountain in the middle there.

Then, I’m going to take both of my loops and start with the bottom one. I’m going to just scrunch that into my Mini Bowdabra. Next, I take my top loop, I’m going to just do a mountain up and scrunch that in. So, this is a very thick bow, because the rose ribbon is extremely thick because of its 3D quality.

Finishing the bow

Finally, all I’m going to do here is pull this through my slipknot. I pull it tight while it’s still in my Mini Bowdabra, and bring it out. And I separate the ends and bring it around to the back. Then, I’m going to just tie a knot and double-knot it.

Now, I could tie this onto a ponytail holder. Or alternately glue it onto a clip. This would even make a really pretty just a gift wrap bow. But I love it, and I do like the wire showing in the middle.

two ribbon boutique hair bow

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you’ll see every time we have a new video that comes out. Thanks for watching, and see you in the next video.  I always love to hear your comments!


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