Gorgeous and Easy DIY Wreaths, Hair Bows and Fall Decor

It’s Fall! And there’s a riot of colors all around! Celebrate Fall and the season’s amazing colors with DIY wreaths and bows that doesn’t cost you anything much. Learn how to make the most vibrant, gorgeous wreath bows, centerpiece, hair bows and fall décor in just minutes with the Bowdabra, the world’s easiest bowmaker. All you need is an assorted selection of ribbons, some peonies, picks and the Bowdabra Bow Wire. Watch Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra, show you how easy and super simple it is to create these amazing fall décor pieces.

Cool Supersized Wreath Bow (begins from 1:10)

Materials required:
* Large Bowdabra
* Golden mesh
* Peonies and leaves picks
* Printed dovetailed ribbons

Beautiful Wreath Bow

Beautiful Wreath Bow

1. Sandy begins the project with the Large Bowdabra.

2. She scrunches a golden mesh (21” wide) with twist and turn method making loops (about 10” wide).

3. She tops it with some pretty flower peonies and leaves picks.

4. She adds two beautiful printed dovetailed ribbons (28” long each) over it.

5. Next Sandy adds another set of same ribbon with same length over them.

6. She adds some more decorative leaves picks.

7. She adds two more similar ribbons (2 yards long each) scrunching with twist and turn method making loops.

8. She ties it all and shapes the loops in different directions to finish the gorgeous wreath bow that can also be used as centerpiece bow.

Pretty Tootsie Roll Bow(begins from 11:00)

Materials required:
* Mini Bowdabra
* Orange and brown tootsie pops
* Dovetailed ribbons
* Wreath

Pretty Tootsie Roll Bow

Pretty Tootsie Roll Bow


1. For this project, Sandy switches to Mini Bowdabra.

2. She inserts an orange tootsie pop in the Bowdabra, topping it with brown dovetailed ribbons (6” long).

3. She adds another dovetailed ribbon of similar size. She ties it all and attaches the bow to a wreath.

1. Sandy starts with another bow on the Mini Bowdabra.

2. She adds some dovetailed ribbons along with a brown tootsie pop in the Bowdabra. She ties it all and attaches it to the wreath, shaping the ends.

Super Simple Hair Bow (begins from 15:00)

Materials required:
* Mini Bowdabra
* Printed ribbon
* Hairclip
* Adhesive dots

Super Simple Hair Bow

Super Simple Hair Bow

1. Sandy uses a scrap printed ribbon for this project.

2. She scrunches it in the Mini Bowdabra making loops (2.25” long) and ties it to a hairclip, shaping the loops.

3. She sticks an adhesive dot at the center of the bow to finish the super simple yet pretty hair bow.

Beautiful Wreath Bow (begins from 19:25)

Materials required:
* Large Bowdabra
* Burlap ribbon
* Printed ribbons

Cool Supersized Wreath Bow

1. Sandy returns to the Large Bowdabra for this project. She scrunches a dovetailed burlap ribbon (15” long) and tops it with another burlap ribbon (24” long) making loops.

2. She adds another dovetailed ribbon (12” long) along with the same ribbon strip, making loops.

3. She adds some more different printed dovetailed ribbons over it all making loops alternatively.

4. Lastly, Sandy ties it all and shapes the loops and tails in different directions to finish the beautiful wreath bow.

DIY Fall and Wreath Bows

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