How to Make the Cutest Halloween Party Favors

Halloween party favors

Aren’t these the cutest Halloween party favors, ever! And they’re perfect to add that special touch to any celebration – not just for Halloween, but any occasion using different ribbon designs! And the best part, they’re quick and easy to make using your Bowdabra! Here’s how:

Halloween Party Favors

Paper Mache round boxes – 1.5″ deep
1.5″ wide Ribbon
Netting – 18″ x 12″
Fabric-tac fabric quick grab glue
Mini Bowdabra
Bowdabra Bow Wire
Mini Bowdabra Bow Scruncher


Let’s start with a small round paper mache box. Save the top for another project. Add a line of quick grab glue around the top edge and press down the edge of the netting on top of the glue, gathering the netting as you glue it down. Continue gathering and gluing down the netting on the edge until you reach the beginning spot. Overlap the netting ends, adding glue to secure.

Halloween party favorsMeasure ribbon around the round box and cut enough ribbon to cover box. Apply glue along the box as you’re smoothing out the ribbon on the box, overlapping ends with glue to secure.

Your Halloween party favors are now ready to fill with goodies! But first we need to make a Bowdabra bow to secure the goodies!

Make the bow

To Make the Bow:  Cut a 20″ length of ribbon. Allow for a 4.5″ tail, creasing the ribbon and placing into the Mini Bowdabra. Since the design is only on one side, twist the ribbon down into the Mini Bowdabra.Then, make a 2″ loop, and twist the ribbon down into the Mini Bowdabra.
Next, fold and twist the ribbon for a 2″ loop on the opposite side down into the Mini Bowdabra.Next, scrunch down the ribbon loops using the Mini Bowdabra wand.

Then, make a slip knot by taking the loose ends of the bow wire through the wire loop, pulling tight while gently pulling the bow out.Dovetail the ends by folding the ribbon in half and cutting at the fold on an angle down to the ribbon edge for each tail.Use the bow wire to tie the netting and keep the goodies inside the party favors. Wrap the bow wire around a pen and remove . . .for a decorative effect on the back.

Enjoy entertaining with these adorable Halloween Party Favors!

Halloween party favors

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