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How to Make a Halloween Cuff

It’s that time of year to think about Halloween costumes. This DIY Halloween cuff is sure to add just the right pizzazz to any costume.DIY Halloween Cuff

Supplies and Equipment to Make the Halloween CuffSupplies for Halloween Cuff

  • Three 5″ lengths 7/8″ Halloween patterned grosgrain ribbon
  • Three 4″ lengths 7/8″ Halloween patterned grosgrain ribbon
  • Length of 6″ black tulle (length determined by wrist measurement)
  • Length of 6″ orange glitter tulle (length determined by wrist measurement)
  • 15″ length 2½” black glittered mesh ribbon
  • Length of ¼” braided elastic (length determined by wrist measurement)
  • 18″ length Bowdabra Bow Wire
  • Mini Bowdabra
  • Halloween charm (optional)

Instruction to Make the Halloween Cuff

Note: These grosgrain ribbons are from LaRibbons® Halloween Collection.

  1. Cut ribbons to appropriate lengths. Dovetail the ends 7/8″ ribbons by folding the ribbon in half and cutting the fold on an angle. Quickly pass the ribbon ends through a flame to seal.Dovetail Ribbon Ends
  2. Fold the bow wire in half and put in the Mini Bowdabra. Tuck the ends of the wire under the Mini Bowdabra to keep them out of the way.Wire in Mini Bowdabra
  3. Center the black glittered mesh ribbon in the Mini Bowdabra.Black Ribbon Centered in Mini Bowdabra
  4. Place each end of the glittered mesh ribbon in the Mini Bowdabra to make a two loop bow.Black Two Loop Bow
  5. Layer the 5″ ribbon spikes in the Mini Bowdabra, then layer the 4″ spikes.Layer Ribbon Spikes in Mini Bowdabra
  6. Compress the ribbons with the Mini Bowdabra wand.Compress Ribbons
  7. With the ribbons still in the Mini Bowdabra, pass the wire ends through the loop, tighten, and tie a secure knot. Leave the wire ends long for attaching the bow to the tulle cuff. Set the bow aside.Pass Wire Ends through Loop
Add the tulle
  1. Loosely measure the wearer’s wrist. The lengths of the tulle should two to three times this measurement, depending on how full you want the cuff. For the elastic, add 1″ to the wrist measurement.
  2. Lay the tulle length on top of one another. Turn a 3/8″ hem along the long side. Sew on a machine or by hand. This makes a channel for the elastic.Sew Hem in Both Layers of Tulle
  3. Thread the elastic through the channel. Overlap the ends 1″ and sew them together, taking care not to twist the elastic.Thread Elastic through Channel in Tulle
  4. Distribute the tulle so it gathers  evenly around the elastic.
  5. Thread on the of bow wires through the tulle under the elastic in the channel. Tie a knot with the other wire end to attach the bow to the cuff.Thread Bow Wire Through Tulle under Elastic
  6. Bring the wire ends to the front of the bow.Tie Bow onto Cuff
  7. With a strong adhesive or hot glue adhere a Halloween charm centered in the bow and on top of the bow wire ends. Let dry thoroughly.Adhere Halloween Charm
  8. Coil the wire ends around a thin knitting needle or skewer. Gently remove skewer.Coil Bow Wire around Skewer
  9. Have a spooktacular Halloween!!DIY Halloween Cuff (Instagram)
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