How to make a quick and Easy Thanksgiving Fall Wreath

Hi everyone,   Steph Ackerman here with a quick and easy Thanksgiving  fall wreath.  So if you have a minute or two you can whip this beauty out in no time flat!  I’ve used beautiful LAribbons for this gorgeous wreath which beautifully kicks it up a notch.

Thanksgiving Fall Wreath

Thanksgiving Fall Wreath

Bowdabra Bow Making Tool
Bowdabra wire
Smoothfoam Wreath

Start by wrapping the wreath with 2 different gold toned ribbons.

To create the bow, I started by placing the bow wire in the Bowdabra, wrapping it underneath so it is out of my way while creating my bow.  Leaving a 6″ tail, I placed the ribbon in the channel.


Folding the ribbon, I created the loops, twisting the ribbon as it passes through the channel.

Use the bow wand to push the ribbon in the channel while creating the bow.  I created a 5 looped bow, with the last 2 smaller than the others.


Pull up on the bow wire and tie off.

Fan out the bow and cut the edges of the tails.

Tie to the wreath using the bow wire.

Thanksgiving Fall Wreath

Tie additional bow wire to the top of the Thanksgiving fall wreath as a hanger.

Thanks for stopping by.

steph ackerman - design team




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