How to easily craft a stunning fall centerpiece

In this quick and easy video DIY Bowdabra creator, Sandy Sandler shows you how to craft a stunning fall centerpiece with an upcycled wreath form.  Turn an ugly old wreath into a beautiful new centerpiece in literally minutes!

stunning fall centerpiece

How to craft a stunning fall centerpiece

  • Green Floral Wreath
  • (4) 2.5 in x 17 in Gold Glitter Mesh
  • (2) 2.5 in x 14 in Fall Leaf Ribbon
  • (1) 2.5 in x 16 ft Fall Leaf Ribbon
  • (2) Peonies Silk Stems
  • (4) Grape Floral Stems
  • (2) Burlap Floral Stems
  • (2) Gold Leaf Stems
  • (1) Luminaria Candle
  • Bowdabra
  • Bowdabra bow wire

“Hi, I’m Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra Bow Maker. Today, I’m going to show you how to make this super simple and stunning fall centerpiece wreath. So, let’s get started.”

Now we’re starting with this kind of ugly wreath that we’ve used and reused, and I’m going to start it off, and it’s going to still be beautiful when we’re done. So, I’m going to take my peony, and I’m going to just push that into the wreath.

Add new embellishments

And then, I have this pretty burlap flower. I’m just going to put that in over here. And my grape leaves, I’m going to put those in here. So, you see, we’re covering up all of our ugly spots. And now, I’m going to just take this and put this in over here. Then, I’m going to take these grapes and put them in over here. And this, I’ve already put in. I’m going to put that one in, and then I’m going to take my last peony, and I’m going to put that in right over here and just kind of push that in there. I need my other grapes. I’m going to put those in here. So, now that we have everything in our wreath, I’m going to set it aside.

Make the Bowdabra bow

Next, we’re going to make the bow for the centerpiece. So, I’m going to start with my Bowdabra Bow Wire. I’m folding it in half, and I’m just going to lay it down into the Bowdabra. Then, I’m going to take these tails that I’ve pre-cut and fold them in half to find the center. Next, I just kind of lay these into my Bowdabra, going in opposite directions.

Then, I have another tail. And then, I’m going to just lay in my wreath ribbon. And take my other tail here. We’re just kind of putting them in all different directions. Lay another piece of my wreath ribbon in here.

Add the bow loops

Now, what I’m going to do is make a big bow for my wreath. And I’m just going to twist it and scrunch it in. Then, I’m going to fold it back and twist. So, we’re just going to make a really big bow. Now, if you’re not familiar with Bowdabra, the reason I’m twisting is so that the wrong side of the ribbon is on the inside of my loop. So, I’m just going to fold it and scrunch it in, then fold it back and twist. I’ll continue to scrunch it in and fold it back, twist and scrunch it in. I’m just going to keep doing this. And I’m sort of graduating in on my bow as I make it.

Finishing the bow

So we’re going to make some smaller loops in here and bring this back over and just finish right here with this little loop. Then, I’m going to take my Bowdabra wand and just give everything a really good scrunch one more time.  I’ll take my Bowdabra Bow Wire, (and the reason I always fold it in half is that now I have a slipknot). I just pull the two ends through my slipknot. I’ll pull it tight while it’s still in the Bowdabra and take it out.

To finish, I’m going to separate the ends, bring it around to the back, and I’m just going to tie a knot and tie another knot. And then, I’m going to just puff out my loops by pulling them in opposite directions. And just bring these here in opposite directions. I make sure you can see my pretty tails. Just fluff it out. And then, I bring my wreath back over here, and I’m going to just tie or glue this onto my wreath.

Add the flameless candle

Now you can see, we’ve pretty much covered up all the ugly spots.  Finally, I have this wonderful luminaria flameless candle, which we will just sit right here in the center of our stunning fall centerpiece. And you have this absolutely beautiful centerpiece, and so simple to make.

stunning fall centerpiece

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