Easy DIY Tree Toppers and Wreath Bows with Nick

Get set to make some of the super gorgeous and easy to make festive bows like tree toppers and wreath bows with Nick of Nick’s Seasonal Décor. Join him in his Facebook Live.

Gorgeous Tree Topper Bow (begins from 0:30)

Material required:

* Large Bowdabra
* 2.5” wide ribbon

Gorgeous Tree Topper Bow

Gorgeous Tree Topper Bow

1. Nick begins the project with the Large Bowdabra.

2. He scrunches a 2.5” beautiful red ribbon in it, making 10-12 even loops of equal length with twist and turn method.

3. He ties the loops and fluffs the ribbon to finish the gorgeous tree topper bow that would be an amazing Christmas tree decoration.

4. You can also use this pretty big bow for decorating staircases, outside lights or for wrapping a present.

Pretty and Funky Wreath Bow (begins from 15:20)

Materials required:

* Large Bowdabra
* Printed ribbons

Pretty and Funky Wreath Bow

Pretty and Funky Wreath Bow

1. Nick scrunches a beautiful Christmas print ribbon in the Large Bowdabra making loop.

2. He tops it with another pretty red reindeer print ribbon, again making loop but in the opposite direction.

3. Next he adds the first printed ribbon making loop and repeats the entire process with both the ribbons multiple times.

4. The loops are 5.5” wide and the tails are 12” long.

5. He ties the ribbon and fluffs the loops while spreading the tails to finish the beautiful and funky wreath bow. Nick dovetails the bow tails for a more enhanced look.

Beautiful Traditional Bow (begins from 23:40)

Materials required:

* Large Bowdabra
* Pretty patterned ribbon

Beautiful Traditional Bow

Beautiful Traditional Bow

1. Nick scrunches a 18” ribbon in the Large Bowdabra making loops.

2. He ties the loops and spreads the loops to finish the pretty traditional bow that can be used with wreaths, lampposts, swag etc. for the festival decoration.

Christmas Decor Idea

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  • angela grant

    why do all the bows showed made with the large bowdabra lots like me only have small one or mini but never see any getting made with this one can you tell me why thanks or can you get one to show us how to use mini

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