How to make a super cute peppermint teddy bear ornament

Wouldn’t this adorable peppermint teddy bear ornament look perfect on your tree this year? Bowdabra creator, Sandy Sandler shows you the simple steps and finishes with a perfect Bowdabra bow.

The peppermint teddy bear ornament makes a great gift for anyone on your list.  It’s perfect to use as a decoration on packages, wreaths, and so much more. Comment to let us know how you use the peppermint teddy bear in all your projects and be sure and post the pics on the Facebook Bowdabra fan gallery.

peppermint teddy bear ornament

How to make a super cute peppermint teddy bear ornament

  • Mini Bowdabra
  • 24″ Silver Bowdabra Wire
  • 5″ x 1.5″ Red Sheer Wired Ribbon
  • 2 Sticky Back Dots
  • 13 Peppermint Candies
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Cooking Spray
  • Metal Cookie Cutter
  • Cookie Sheet
  • toothpick


love this craft. We’re going to make a really cute little ornament that’s shaped like a teddy bear. To start, I’m using a teddy bear cookie cutter for a pattern.  And I need 13 peppermint candies to fit inside. I’ve unwrapped them, and I’m just going to lay these down. And I’ve also pre-sprayed my bear. And I’m sort of just spreading these out because they are going to melt.

Heat your peppermint

Next, I’m going to put them into an oven of 350 degrees, which I’ve already preheated. I’m just going to throw these out here and put these in there. Then, the next thing that I’m going to do is just bring this and put this in my oven. And then we will come back and get started with the rest of the project.

Alright, now we’ve taken the teddy bear out of the oven, and you can see how it melts together so perfectly. So, what I’m doing while it’s still warm is I’m taking a toothpick and I’m making a hole in my teddy bear because that’s where I’m going to tie my little bow tie that I’m going to make. And I’m making another hole here, and that’s how and that’s how I’m going to attach it to the loop to hang the ornament. And then I just take it off, and you have this adorable little bear. I’m going to put him aside and let him cool down.

Make the Bowdabra bow

And the next thing I’m going to do is just make a cute little bow tie for my teddy bear. Now I’m using a little bit extra Bowdabra Bow Wire because this is going to be both the tie for the bow tie, and also the loop that’s going to hang it from a tree. So, I’m just taking this really cute little sparkly ribbon, and I’m going to make a cute little scrunchy bow, and I’m just going to fold that over, so you don’t have the wires sticking out. And I’ll scrunch that down with my Bowdabra wand.

Finally, I’m just going to pull this through my slipknot, pull it really tight while it’s in the Bowdabra, bring it out, separate the ends. And I’m going to just bring it around to the back and tie it.

Fluff your bow

And the next thing that I’m going to do is just sort of fluff it out a little bit, Then, I take my glue gun and I’m going to take my little black bead and put that there and my white one and put that right here. I’m going to cut this little piece of wire, so we don’t have that showing. And I’m going to let this cool down just a little bit.

Attach the hanging wire and bow tie

Okay, now that our little teddy bear is cooled off I’m now going to just thread my bow. So, I’ll take my wire and just put that through that little hole that we made earlier when he was still warm. And we used a toothpick, which makes it a little bit easier. So, I’m just going to position my little bow, and I’m going to take one piece of the Bowdabra Bow Wire and thread it right back through this hole here. I’m actually going to clip the ends so that it’s a little sharper. And I’m just going to thread it through my hole there. To finish, I’m just going to go up here and I’m just going to tie a little knot. And I’m actually going to double-knot it just for safety. Let me clip the ends. And you have a really cute little ornament.

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