How to Make the Perfect Last Minute Gift

There’s always the time when you need just one more gift. These coin crackers—decorated rolls of coins—are the perfect last minute gift. Money—in any amount—is always a welcome gift. There are several advantage with a money gift. It’s always the right color. One size fits all. Coin crackers are a festive way to present a money gift.Coin Crackers Last Minute Gift

Supplies for Making Coin CrackersSupplies for Coin Cracker Last Minute Gift

Making the Coin Cracker Bow

  1. Fold the bow wire in half and put in the Mini Bowdabra. Tuck the ends of the wire under the Mini Bowdabra to keep them out of the way.Wire in Mini Bowdabra
  2. Make a ten to twelve-loop bow with one of the 40″ lengths of twine.Ten Loop Bow
  3. Compress the twine in the Mini Bowdabra with the wand.Compress Twine in Mini Bowdabra
  4. With the twine bow still in the Mini Bowdabra, pass the wire ends through the loop and tighten, then tie a secure knot.Pass Wire Ends through Loop
  5. Remove the bow from the Mini Bowdabra, bring the wire ends to the back side of the bow, and tie a secure knot. Leave the wire ends long for attaching the bow to one end of the coin cracker gift.Tie Knot of Back of Bow
  6. Follow step 1 through 5 to make a second twine bow.

Making the Coin Cracker Last Minute Gift

  1. Cut a 12″ length of decorative paper 4″ to 5″ wider than the roll of coins. Center the roll of coins along the width of the paper. Wrap the paper tightly around the roll of coins. Secure with tape.
  2. Fringe the ends of the coin cracker, cutting through all layers leaving a ¼” uncut margin near the roll of coins.Fringe the Ends of the Wrap
  3. Using the bow wires, tie a twine bow to each end of the cracker gift.Add Bow to Coin Cracker Last Minute Gift
  4. Trim the wires. Alternatively, trim only the wires at one end of the cracker, and use the wires at the opposite end to form a hanging loop.Coin Cracker Last Minute Gift (Instagram)
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