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Easy DIY Winter Wedding Bow Making and Christmas Wrapping

Get ready to make some really pretty and easy to make Winter Wedding Bows and Christmas Gift Wrapping bows with Nick from Nick’s Seasonal Décor. Join him on his Facebook Live.

Winter Bow (begins from: .20)

Material Required:
* Large Bowdabra
* 1.5” Wide Ribbons
* Bow Wire

How to make Winter Bows

Winter Bow

1. Nick starts the project with the Large Bowdabra.

2. He takes 24” bow wire and placing places it between the pillars.

3. He scrunches a 1.5” beautiful Blue-Golden ribbon in the Bowdabra while making a single loop.

4. Next, he tops it up with the Blue ribbon, making a single loop on the opposite side.

5. Now he repeats the entire process with the two ribbons multiple times.

6. The loops are 6” wide and the tails are 6” long.

7. He ties the loops and fluffs the ribbons and curls the tails to finish the gorgeous winter bow that would be amazing to use as decorations on lantern and trees. You can also use this pretty bow for decorating wrapping a present.

Winter Wedding Bow (Begin from 6:54)

Material Required
* Large Bowdabra
* 1.5” Wide Ivory and Gold Ribbon
* 1.5” Wide Champagne Gold Ribbon
* Bow Wire

DIY for Beautiful Bows for Wedding

Winter Wedding Bow

1. Nicks places a long strand of bow wire between the pillars.

2. He takes two different ribbons, cuts them to make a tail and places them between the pillars.

3. Next, he scrunches both the ribbons and in the Large Bowdabra and making 4 to 5 loops.

4. He secures it with the bow wire and spread the loops to make it a pretty beautiful bow.

Christmas Gift Bow (Starts from 14:20)

Material Required

* Large Bowdabra
* 1.5” Red Ribbon
* 0.62” Silver Ribbon
* Bow wire

How to Make Bows for Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift Bow

1. Nick returns to Large Bowdabra for this product and places a gold wire in between the pillars.

2. He scrunches beautiful a beautiful red ribbon and tops it with the sheer Silver ribbon.

3. Now, he repeats the entire process with the two ribbons multiple times.

4. He ties the ribbon and fluffs the loops while spreading the tails to finish the beautiful bow.

5. Nick dovetails the bow tails for more enhanced looks.

6. To finish it off, he takes some green artificial pine and cherry stems to decorate.


Bowdabra Wedding and Christmas gift wrapping tutorial

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