How to Make Bows: Bowdabra
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Easy to Make Wreath Bows with Bowdabra

Join Nick from Nick’s Seasonal Decor on his Facebook Live as he makes some magnificent wreath Bows using Bowdabra.

Colorful Bow (starts at 0:05)

bowdabra colorful bow


Material Required:
Large Bowdabra
Bowdabra Bow wire
– 2.5” Polka Dot Ribbons in Blue, Green & Pink Colors

  1. Nick starts this project with Large Bowdabra.
  2. He places the bow wire between the pillars.
  3. He scrunches green ribbon in the Large Bowdabra and makes a single loop.
  4. Next, he takes the green ribbon and scrunched it on the opposite side.
  5. Now he uses the pink ribbon on the other side.
  6. Later, he repeats the entire process with three ribbons.
  7. Nick secures bow with the bow wire and dovetails to give it a professional look.


Ladybug Wreath Bow (starts at 07:17)

Ladybug Wreath Bow

Material Required:
– 2.5” Black and white gingham ribbon
– 1.5” Ladybug ribbon
– Large Bowdabra

  1. Nick sticks the Large Bowdabra to make this pretty bow.
  2. He takes a bow wire and places between the Large Bowdabra.
  3. He cuts a 40” long gingham ribbon and places it between the pillars.
  4. Next, he takes the ladybug ribbon and places it on the top of the gingham ribbon.
  5. Nick scrunches the gingham ribbon to make 4 to 5 loops.
  6. He repeats the process with the ladybug ribbon.
  7. Now, he ties the bow with bow wire tightly and fluffs the loop to give a smart finish. And your ladybug wreath bow is ready.


Patriotic Bow (starts at 12:40)

patriotic bow

Material Required:
– 1.5” Red Gingham Ribbon
– 1.5” Royal Blue Gingham Ribbon
– 1.5” Canvas Chevron Ribbon

  1. Nick places bow wire between the pillars.
  2. He places three ribbons and cuts them to make the tail in the Bowdabra.
  3. Next he scrunches the three ribbons in the Bowdabra and starts making loops using twist and turn techniques.
  4. He secures the bow with bow wire and fluffs it to give a fuller and beautiful finish.


2 in 1 Picnic Bow (starts at 19:00)

2 in 1 Picnic Bow

Material Required:
–  Large Bowdabra
–  4” Red Gingham Ribbon
–  2.5” grey Gingham Ribbon

  1. Nick scrunches a piece of red gingham ribbon.
  2. Next, take a 2.5” ribbon and places it above 4” ribbon.
  3. He takes 4” ribbon and scrunches it in the large Bowdabra while making 3 loops on either side.
  4. Nick repeats the same process with 2.5” ribbon.
  5. Now, he ties bow with bow wire and fluff open the loops. Your beautiful wreath bow is ready. Use a combination of Gingham ribbons to make more such delightful wreath bows.


Summer Wreath Bow (Starts at 25:10)

Summer Wreath Bow

Material Required
– Large Bowdabra
– 1.5” Fuchsia Pink Ribbon

  1. Nick uses Large Bowdabra for this project and puts a bow wire between the pillars.
  2. He takes a long piece of ribbon and places it between the Large Bowdabra.
  3. He scrunches the same ribbon while making 6 to 7 loops.
  4. He ties the bow by using bow wire and fluffs it to give a beautiful look. You can use different color combinations to make stunning wreath bows.

How to make bows

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