Easy DIY Wreath Bow with Bowdabra

Get set to make some really beautiful wreath bows with Sandy, the creator of Bowdabra. Join her on her Facebook Live as she helps you learn how to create some gorgeous Wreath Bow Designs using stunning ribbons in just a few minutes.

Spring Wreath Bow (Starts at 0:23)

Material Required:
* Material Required:
* Pink Gingham Ribbon
* Burlap Ribbon
* Large Bowdabra

Spring Wreath Bow

Spring Wreath Bow

1. Sandy uses the Large Bowdabra for creating this gorgeous bow.

2. She places Pink Gingham Ribbon and Burlap Ribbon between the pillars.

3. Now she takes 2 yards of both the ribbons and scrunches them while making loops on both sides using a twist and turn method.

4. Sandy secures the loop using the bow wire and fluffs it to give a beautiful touch.

Natural Wreath Bow (Starts at 04:16)

Material Required:
* Large Bowdabra
* Bowdabra Bow Wire
* 2” Sheer Gold Ribbon
* Burlap Rose for Decoration

Natural Wreath Bow

Natural Wreath Bow

1. Sandy sticks to the large Bowdabra for this project.

2. She scrunches two pieces of already dovetailed gold ribbons between the pillars.

3. Now she takes the sheer gold ribbon pieces and places them between the Bowdabra pillars.

4. Sandy places the burlap rose on the top and secures the bow using bow wire.

5. She fluffs the bow to give it a beautiful finish and ties it with the wreath.

Stunning Blue-White Bow (Starts at 08:30)

Material Required:
* Bowdabra Bow Wire
* Blue Mesh Ribbon
* Blue Striped Ribbon
* White Ribbon
* Bowdabra Rhinestone Ribbon

Stunning Blue-White Bow

Stunning Blue-White Bow

1. She uses the large Bowdabra for creating this bow.

2. Sandy places the blue striped ribbon and white ribbon between the pillars.

3. She scrunches the blue mesh while making a single loop on each side.

4. Now she scrunches the white ribbon to make 2 to 3 loops on each side using the twist and turn method.

5. Next, Sandy uses a blue striped ribbon for making 2 loops on each side.

6. She repeats the process with 3 other blue striped ribbons.

7. Next, she tops it with a small piece of mesh wire along with blue wooden roses and Bowdabra Rhinestone ribbon.

8. She ties the bow with the bow wire and shapes out the ribbon for a beautiful final finish

Brilliant Baby Shower Bow (Starts at 15:21)

Material Required:
* Large Bowdabra
* Light Blue Gingham Bow
* Light Pink Tulle
* Sheer Pink Ribbon
* Sheer Light Blue Ribbon

Brilliant Baby Shower Bow

Brilliant Baby Shower Bow

1. Sandy places 35” long tulle into the Large Bowdabra

2. She scrunches the light blue, pink and light blue gingham ribbons between the pillars.

3. Next, she scrunches the pink tulle and makes 2 loops on either side.

4. Next she scrunches the light blue ribbon to make 2 to 3 loops on each side.

5. Now she places the two tails of pink ribbon between the Bowdabra.

6. She scrunches the gingham ribbon while making 2 loops on either side.

7. Sandy tops it up with two picks on each side.

8. Finally, she ties the bow and fluffs the bow for a final finish.

Mini Wreath Bow (Starts at 22:18)

Material Required:
* Purple Ribbon
* Mini Bowdabra
* Grape wine wreath
* Sheer Purple Ribbon
* Mix Pattern Purple Ribbons

Mini Wreath Bow

Mini Wreath Bow

1. Sandy starts this project by wrapping a purple ribbon on the grape wine wreath.

2. She sticks to the Mini Bowdabra for this project.

3. She takes two purple ribbons and places between the pillars.

4. Now Sandy scrunches the ribbon while making a single loop on either side.

5. Sandy scrunches a wide piece of purple cloth in between and decorates the bow with decorative flowers.

6. Next, she secures the bow with bow wire and ties it on the top of the grape wine wreath. This gorgeous bow is perfect for decorating your baby’s room or as a housewarming gift.


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