Video how to make an adorable St. Patrick’s Day fedora hat

Watch this video as Bowdabra creator shows you how easy it is to create an adorable St. Patrick’s Day fedora hat. You can re-work an older fedora hat making it a great up-cycle project.  Visit Bowdabra blog each week for all sorts of St. Patrick’s Day projects and so much more!

St. Patrick's Day fedora hat

Adorable St. Patrick’s Day fedora hat

Saint Patrick’s Day Fedora
Bowdabra Rhinestone Mesh
Mini Bowdabra
Bowdabra Bow Wire
3” Piece of 1.5” Wide Ribbon

Now, we’re going to bring out the Irish in all of us with this fun Saint Patrick’s Day fedora hat. Please like us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and share this video with your friends. So, let’s get started.

Add the rhinestone mesh

First, we’re going to get started by taking this fedora hat that’s really great for Saint Patrick’s Day.  I’m going to take some of our Bowdabra Rhinestone Mesh.  The mesh has eight sequins in a row, so because of the length of the hat, I measured around to see exactly how much mesh I needed for the hat. There’s a rim here, so I want it to be the same size as the rim.

So, I’m just going to finish cutting these strips here. And then, what I’m going to do is use my Zots. I think that peel-and-stick would work really well for this, but I’m just doing it this way, or you could use a glue gun as well. Then,  I’m just going to take this and put some Zots strategically around. I love these big permanent Zots because they work for a lot of different projects. The nice thing about them is when you’re using them on projects besides paper, they’re not 100 percent permanent and then you can take them off. And you can do another project on the same hat.

Now, all I’m going to do here is begin in the back and just kind of work this around the entire base of my hat so it gives this really pretty gold trim. And just bring this, I’m going to take one more Zot and just place it right over here and then just kind of go in the hat and push all my Zots down. It’s really super simple, but it really dresses it up.

Make the four-leaf clovers

Next, what I’m going to do is take my Mini Bowdabra and I’m going to fold my Bowdabra Bow Wire in half. And I always do it this way. I mean you could just measure a piece. But I’m just going to lay this down into my Mini Bowdabra and tuck the ends underneath.

And then now, what I’m going to do is I’ve already taken, this is about a 3-inch piece of our 1 1/2” wide ribbon, and I’ve just cut a curve because we’re going to make a four-leaf clover. And then now, we’re just going to scrunch this down in here. Then, take my Bowdabra Bow Wire, and like always, I’m just going to pull this through the slipknot, pull it tight while it’s still in the Bowdabra, separate the ends and bring them around to the back. And I’m just going to tie a knot, and double-knot it. That is one of the really cool things about the wire is that even though it’s a wire, it also acts as a cord. So, I’m just going to clip the ends right here.

Shape thee clovers and add to the fedora hat

To finish, I’m going to shape out my four-leaf clover. I’m going to take back my hat and I’m going to take some of my Zots. Now again, if you want this to be permanent, definitely use a glue gun or a glue pop, but I think this is perfect for what I’m doing. So, I’m actually going to put these on the back of my four-leaf clover and put this here, and then, just put that right there.

I’ve already made two other ones, so we’ll take this and put this here. Take another one, put it there. Then, do the same thing here with my third one. And I’m kind of mixing the colors, so you see the lime green, and you also have the darker green. So, we’ll put this one up here and just kind of reach underneath there and hold that. Push that there. And then, take my third one and we’ll put this right over here. And you have this absolutely adorable Saint Patrick’s Day fedora hat.”



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