How to make a fun Spring Deco Mesh Wreath With Bowdabra

Spring deco mesh wreath

Hey everyone, I’m Simply Shalese, here to make something awesome with you guys! Today we will be making adorable Spring deco mesh wreath. Let’s get started!



Bowdabra Bow Maker

21-inch long lavender deco mesh

6-inch long lavender and white deco mesh

Wreath ring

2.5-inch wide lavender wire-edged ribbon

Bow wire



Laying the Foundation:

Prepping the Wreath

The first thing I do is lift all of the chenille stems on my ring. This helps to speed up the entire process of placing the deco mesh.

Adding the Deco Mesh to the wreath

Take the 21-inch long deco mesh and fold it to a curl. Pick a chenille stem on the outer ring and place it down. Then twist the chenille step a couple of times. Pull your mesh, make a nice poof and place the mesh down in the next chenille step. Repeat this step all the way around the outer ring and come back to do the same thing on the inner ring.

Once you come back to your starting point, untwist, place the mesh down and twist it back. Then make another poof but this time place it on the inner stem. Repeat this all the way around the inner stem and cut away the excess mesh.

Fluff up your mesh to make sure it’s nice and poofy.

Making the Bow for your wreath:

Placing the Bow Wire

The first thing I do is fold the bow wire in half and place it in the center of the Bowdabra. I like to use about 8-9 inches of bow wire.

Adding your Ribbon

Next, I’m going to take a piece of wire-edged ribbon, 42 inches long. With the wrong side facing up, I’m going to scrunch the ribbon in a uniform scrunch: fold the ribbon in half, bring the front and the backup and place it down in the center of the Bowdabra.

Making your Loops

Next, I’m going to make a loop, scrunch again and twist the ribbon before placing it down on the Bowdabra. I twist the ribbon before placing it down to ensure that the right side of the ribbon will be visible at all times. If your ribbon doesn’t have a right and wrong side, then you don’t have to twist the ribbon.

Repeat this step with each loop you make. I’m going to make four but you can make as many or as few as you choose. Also, you can measure the size of each loop if you chose to do so but I just estimate.

Use your wand to scrunch everything together

Adding more ribbon

Take a 10-inch long piece of ribbon, scrunch it in the center and place it down in the center of the Bowdabra. You can ribbon cut the end but I’m going to leave mine squared off. Also, you can place the10-inchh long piece first or last.

Tying the Wire

Once you’ve added your loops, give it one final scrunch. Then take the bow wire, the two open ends inside of the loop. Hold the bow in place and give it a nice tug. Then remove it from the Bowdabra. Tie it in a know a few more times just to make sure it’s nice and secure.

Repeat these steps for as many bows as you’d like to add to your wreath

Adding more Deco Mesh

Cut your white deco mesh into 8 inch long pieces. Take two pieces, roll them at a diagonal and scrunch them together. Then place them in each chenille stem.

Adding the Bows and Ribbon

Next, place your bows in every other stem. In the other stems, take 10 inch long pieces of ribbon, scrunch them in the center and place it down. Repeat this step around the entire wreath.
You can also add any additional embellishments you chose. Just have fun with it and make it your own.

Thanks for joining me. Be sure to check out and subscribe to my youtube channel, Simply Shalese, for more awesome videos. Also, follow me on Instagram at SimplyShalese_diy And check out Bowdabra blog as well!

Spring deco mesh wreath

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