How to make an adorable pink boutique hair bow

In this quick and easy Video DIY, Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra will show you how easy it is to make this adorable little pink boutique hair bow.  Never pay for a boutique hair bow again when you can make one for pennies!  Your favorite little girl will absolutely adore this easy to make hair bow!

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pink boutique hair bows

Pink Boutique hair bow


(1) 12 in x 6 in Adhesive Purple Tulle

(1) 1.5 in x 24 in Ribbon

(3) Pink Roses

(1) Grosgrain Clip

17 in Bowdabra Bow Wire


“Hi, I’m Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra. Today, we’re going to make this adorable little pink boutique hair bow, and I’m sure any little girl will love. So, let’s get started.”

First, I’ll take my Bowdabra Bow Wire, I fold it in half, and I cut it long enough so that I can just tuck the ends underneath so they stay out of my way while I’m creating my bow.

Add the tulle

Next, I’m going to take this purple tulle and scrunch this down into my Bowdabra.

Make the boutique bow

Then, what I’ll do, is take my pink ribbon and I’m going to fold it in half, so I find my center. And now, I’m going to take the right side of my ribbon and put it down into my Mini Bowdabra. Then, I’m going to fold this ribbon back and take the right side and scrunch that into my Mini.

So now, I have a loop. The next thing I’m going to do is take this loop and make an X. So, I’m going to take the right side of my ribbon to scrunch that down into my Mini Bowdabra. Next, I’m going to take my bottom loop, and I’m going to do a little mountain-up crease, and scrunch that into my Bowdabra.  Now, I’ll do exactly the same thing on this one. And the reason that I do this is because then I don’t have to sew or do anything for creasing.

Add the roses

Next, I have these little pink roses. I just took one of our bunches of ribbon roses and cut them so that they would fit perfectly into my Mini Bowdabra for this really adorable princess Pink boutique hair bow.

Finally, I’ll take my Bowdabra Bow Wire, pull it through my slipknot and pull it tight while it’s still in the Mini Bowdabra. I pull it out of the Mini Bowdabra, separate my ends, bring them around to the back, and I’m going to double-knot it.

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Finishing touches

To finish I have this pre-covered alligator clip. And what I can do is take my wire and just twist it around twice that way, and twist it around twice this way, one more time, and then, come back underneath my bow. And I’m just going to tie a knot.


For an extra security measure, I’m going to come back around here and I’m going to double-knot it, and give it one more, one more knot here. And that will keep it secure. Or you can definitely use a glue gun to attach. I’m going to try to cut this with my Bowdabra wand. So, I’m just going to cut this here. And then, I’m going to just shape out my bow, and just shape this. Now I am using a wired ribbon, which makes it really easy to shape. And you have this super simple and adorable pink boutique hair bow.

“I hope to see you in my next video. Bye!”

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